Actress Keke Palmer REQUESTS to move restraining order hearing with ex Darius Jackson to resolve custody issues ‘privately’


American actress, Keke Palmer has reportedly asked to move her restraining order hearing so she and ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson can resolve their custody issues privately after she accused him of physical and emotional abuse.

According to court documents filed on Thursday in Los Angeles, Palmer, 30, and Jackson, 29, began discussions the day prior and have agreed to continue at a mutually agreeable date’ that has not yet been determined.

The pair share a son Leodis, who is nine months.

Keke Palmer & Darius Jackson are attending mediation sessions

The pair were due to meet in court over the domestic violence restraining order on December 5 – but now want the hearing postponed until they ‘resolve their issues in mediation’ per Page Six.

The court documents state the parties ‘agree that all orders contained in the Temporary Restraining Order issued on November 9, 2023, shall remain in full force and effect until the hearing’ – with a new court date yet to be determined.

Palmer was recently granted a restraining order against Jackson and sole custody of their son.

She alleged in civil court documents that she suffered physical and emotional abuse at the hands of Darius. He has denied the allegations.

This comes after Palmer’s mother, Sharon, alleged she ‘feared’ for her daughter’s life while she was dating Jackson.

While speaking about a phone call, obtained by TMZ, in which Sharon threatens to ‘put a bullet’ in Jackson’s head, the 56-year-old high school teacher explained to Radar Online that her comment was made out of concern for Keke, 30.

‘You will hear him being told to leave several times,’ Sharon told the outlet. ‘The point where I am cussing came in after 2 mins of him refusing to leave.’

Sharon also accused Jackson of ‘illegally’ recording their call, which requires consent in the state of California.

The Nope star’s mom proceeded to state that Jackson ‘does not care about the law’ and that ‘most abuser[s] don’t care about the law.’

Sharon went on to allege that Jackson ‘would not leave’ Keke’s home and ‘was not invited in.’ ‘I feared for her life,’ Sharon insisted.

In text messages, obtained by TMZ, between Sharon and Jackson’s mother, Yhinyer Hubbard Jackson, who is originally from Panama, texted Sharon: ‘I have tried not to get involved in my son’s personal business, but I heard that you are going to put a bullet in my son’s head???’

‘Well, then, now, we have to involve the authorities because you don’t respect or value yourself… I will file a police report on you now,’ Yhinyer continued.

Sharon allegedly wrote back: ‘Please do not contact me with this ridiculous childish behaviour. Your son choked his own sister, deal with his anger issues. If he attacks my daughter in her own [home] where she pays the bills, he is trespassing and anything can happen so he should stay away.

‘You should be very ashamed to have raised a man who fights women,’ she concluded.

Last month, the outlet also reported that Jackson claimed Sharon threatened to ‘put a bullet in his head’ during an altercation with her over speakerphone.

TMZ reports Sharon’s threat was made after the couple got into an argument over custody of Leo on November 5, an incident which was detailed in Keke’s restraining order filing.

Darius went to pick up his son Leo to watch football last month after informing Keke via text message of his plans, but was upset to find their son was not at her home when he arrived.

This led to an argument between Keke and Darius, and eventually, Sharon was brought into the dispute after Keke called her up.

Sharon was placed on speakerphone and allegedly began screaming and saying expletives to Darius.

She also allegedly informed Darius she would put a bullet in his head, which escalated the altercation.

Darius then allegedly tried to grab Keke’s phone from her. Insiders claim this particular tussle was captured in images submitted last week as part of Keke’s restraining order.

The images show them in the midst of a struggle on a couch.

The restraining order also included photos of a separate altercation from February 2022.

Insiders say Darius completely denies abusing the actress, and the sources claim police were sent to the home but did not find any probable cause to arrest him for domestic violence.

He is standing by his account and has denied the abuse allegations, according to TMZ.

The exes will meet again in court at a hearing scheduled for December 5.

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