Jennifer Lopez’s Mom Looks Just Like Her Sister Lynda

Jennifer Lopez's Mom Looks Just Like Her Sister Lynda

Jennifer Lopez’s mother, Guadalupe Lopez, captivated social media with her striking resemblance to her daughter Lynda in a delightful new video. 

Lynda shared the heartwarming clip on her social media, showcasing their mom’s enjoyment at a Frankie Valli concert, a birthday treat that brought immense joy. 

The caption revealed the depth of their familial bond: “Just a week ago Saturday – for her birthday gift, mom wanted to see Frankie Valli, so see Frankie Valli we did. I think she had fun! (And He’s 89! And so good). 

“I always knew I was lucky, because as a kid, I had the mom who taught me to love things I would never find on my own… like ‘her’ music and movies and musicals… but what I didn’t know was how fun it would be one day when I would get to take her to the things she loves. Happy birthday mommy. We love you so much.”

In the video, Guadalupe’s youthful appearance was undeniable, as she looked remarkably similar to her daughter, Lynda. 

At 51, Lynda, born almost two years after her 53-year-old sister Jennifer, has carved out a successful career in media, making a name for herself as a host and anchor in both radio and television.

Jennifer with her sister and her mom

Lynda’s presence in the limelight was highlighted in May when she attended a Met afterparty hosted by Stella McCartney and Baz Luhrmann, accompanying her sister Jennifer as her date. 

She referred to it as a “Mama’s night out” on Instagram, a post that garnered admiration from her followers. One fan exclaimed, “You are going OUT! Looking beautiful!” while another humorously remarked, “Wait, and you’re in RADIO?”

Jennifer and Lynda

At the actual Met Gala event, Jennifer had vocal coach Stevie Mackey by her side, as her husband Ben Affleck was absent due to work commitments in Los Angeles. 

Though Jennifer and Lynda are known to be close, their appearances on each other’s social media are rare. 

Jennifer with her mom

Lynda’s previous post featuring Jennifer was a birthday tribute from July 2021. “My original BFF, I love you more than words can say,” Lynda wrote. 

“Not only are you the most fun, and my ride or die, You light the world and show me what’s possible and are my inspiration always. Sometimes I can’t believe I was so lucky that God put the beautiful soul that is you into my life.”

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