Obsessive OnlyFans member gets tattoo of Rubi Rose after spending at least $60,000 on her in a MONTH


An OnlyFans customer hoping rapper Rubi Rose will be his one true love proved his devotion for the entertainer in the most permanent way possible.

Details of his obsession

Brandon, an obsessed fan, got a tattoo of Rose’s face on his leg as a way to prove that his ‘commitment’ to her is real.

The online model posted videos of the tattoo and several other texts from him declaring his love earlier today on X (formerly Twitter).

Messages he sent Rose included statements of wanting to marry her, be ‘the king to her queen’, and that he would ’empty his bank account’ to be with her.

Rose confirmed that Brandon is her ‘#1 spender on onlyfans’ in a photo she took with him the model posted December 1 on X (formerly Twitter).

Rose, who has her number one fan’s phone contact named Brandon weird OF fan, began receiving the strange messages on December 1 – the day she posted the photo of him on X.

The first message last Friday started out innocent, asking her what she was doing that night.

Things getting creepy

Things started to get creepy after he asked her why she wasn’t answering him and that he thought the pair had ‘a genuine connection.’

He professed his love for Rose nearly four hours later and how he would ‘do anything’ and ‘fly anywhere’ to be with her.

‘We can even have a one sided relationship where you can do whatever you want as loing as I know at the end of the day you come home to me and are only with me,’ he wrote.

The messages got dark at 11:45 that night, and after writing ‘HOW DARE YOU’ and ‘I WILL NOT TOLERATE THIS,’ he quickly apologized.

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He began texting Rose not-so-innocent text messages at 1:00 am and shared his OnlyFans account profile that said he spent at least $60,000 on her OnlyFans.

‘I will send you 10 bitcoin right now if you answer me, that is worth almost $400,000, all you have to do is respond to me with one word Rubi,’ he wrote.

The fan allegedly had relatives create videos on Thanksgiving of him telling Rose he wished she was there with him and that he is ‘starstruck’ by her.

Brandon mentioned in his text messages that Rose opened all the messages but did not respond to a single text.

He eventually sent her photos at 9:00 am of his tattoo he got to show his ‘commitment’ to her, which he said took almost three hours to complete.

Rose created the X post an hour and a half after he sent her the text messages, so the entertainer may have appreciated his messages after all.

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