Woman, 42, discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her – SECONDS before he got down on one knee to PROPOSE


A woman has shared a horrific story that ended in heartbreak – recalling how she discovered her then-boyfriend had been cheating mere seconds before he got down on one knee to propose to her.

Tiffany Maldonado, 42, took to TikTok to retell the shocking way she’d found out a previous ex had a mistress throughout much of their two-year relationship, explaining how she stumbled across text messages from the other woman as she was filming footage of him proposing.

How her relationship crumbled

Beginning her story, Tiffany recalled just how serious her relationship had been before it crumbled before her, explaining: ‘I was madly in love with this man. I was head over heels.

‘If he said “jump,” I would say, “How high?”‘

One day, she said, he took her on a ‘surprise’ trip to Orlando ‘for a little bit of fun at the amusement parks.’

At the park, he decided to ‘sign up’ for a game show-style competition that took place in a stadium packed with other visitors.

Right before the competition began, he handed Tiffany his cell phone and asked her to film him, adding: ‘”I want you to see what’s going to happen.” And I’m just saying, “Oh my gosh, this is so cute. How much fun.”‘

The man went on to win the contest.

How she found out her fiance cheated during his proposal

‘And I’m filming from his cell phone that he told me to hold. So here I am with his little cell phone filming. All excited, all proud of my man,’ Tiffany continued.

But only moments later, it all came crashing down when Tiffany began seeing a series of text messages pop up on his screen.

It quickly became clear they were from a mistress, with Tiffany adding: ‘She’s pissed. She’s really pissed.

‘I guess that morning, he had texted her to let her know like, “Hey, it’s over between us because I’m about to get engaged today.” And she threw a s***-fit even though she herself was married.’

‘My heart absolutely drops and like I want to vomit. And I’m sitting here in a crowd, with hundreds of people, maybe even thousands of people, trying to keep my hand steady and filming what’s happening as he’s proposing and announcing it to this whole frickin’ stadium full of people.

‘But I really know what’s happening as I’m seeing these texts flashed across the screen.’

Suddenly, the boyfriend dropped to one knee to propose, and next thing Tiffany knew the pair had appeared on the big screen that’s visible to the whole stadium.

At the same time, Tiffany was still filming with his phone and kept seeing text messages pop up from the mistress.

‘I am not the type of girl that likes it when people see me sweat,’ she said.

Tiffany then said she decided to ‘keep my composure and to just walk outside of the stadium and wait for him outside.’

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When he found her again, ‘he immediately gives me a huge hug, tells me that he loves me. And of course, does the proposal again to my face this time, not just on the big screen.’

As quickly as possible, Tiffany steered him to the ‘nearest restaurant’ and told him what she’d seen through his texts.

‘He knew that he was caught and for the next 30 minutes he proceeded to just tell me everything that he thought that I wanted to hear and I was just numb,’ Tiffany admitted.

‘I was completely paralyzed’

‘The only words that I can manage to muster up at this point were: “Baby this two-carat diamond ring. It’s just not going to be enough.”‘

In a part-two video, Tiffany went on to explain that, while she didn’t break it off with the man immediately, they ‘drove home in awkward silence that day. I was completely paralyzed.’

She further admitted that, while she didn’t tell her friends or even her sister about the engagement at first, they peppered her with questions when the noticed she was wearing the diamond ring.

She underwent therapy

‘I had so much invested in this relationship that it was really hard to break it off immediately,’ she said.

‘Again we’re human, and I’m not messy. So I really tried to give it a go.’

She elaborated that it ultimately took two or three months after his proposal before everything finally ‘fell apart’ for good.

‘He was never gonna win my trust back,’ Tiffany stated.

‘And it took about two years and $10,000 of therapy just to finally be right again with myself.’

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