Woman who pays $500-a-month to live in a TINY apartment reveals the space-saving hacks she uses to fit into compact space


A young woman has shown off her tiny apartment in New York City — revealing how she washed her dishes in a bucket because she didn’t have a kitchen sink.

Egypt Mayo, 22, was forking out $500 a month for her studio apartment on Staten Island when she was paid a visit by TikTok sensation Caleb Simpson.

Small bedroom ideas

Caleb’s content focuses on touring people’s homes to see how they live – and his content is so popular that he’s even been invited into the abodes of some famous faces, including Bobbi Brown, Barbara Cochran, and Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe’s son Deacon.

He visited Egypt’s place back in October 2022, but the video has since resurfaced online.

In the clip, Caleb appears to stop Egypt in the middle of the street and starts off with his signature introduction: ‘How much do you pay for rent in New York?’

Egypt responds, ‘$500,’ with the TikTok creator then asking if he can tour her apartment, to which she agrees.

It cuts to a bird’s eye view of her small studio that is decked out in hues of pink, with the tenant saying: ‘Welcome to my apartment.’

Ways to maximize your tiny spaces

To divide up the room, she has a curtain rod that separates her sleeping area and her living space.In the back, you can just make out her bathroom that has a shower and a sink.

‘I was not expecting this at all,’ an incredulous Caleb gushes, with Egypt adding: ‘It’s really pink.”It’s so pink. This is incredible,’ the TikTok creator responds.

Beginning the tour, Caleb gestures to some hooks, asking: ‘This is where you hang your pots and pans?’

Egypt then reveals she converted her closet into her cooking space — with the shelves stacked with pantry staples, a toaster oven and what appears to be a small fridge.

‘And I wash the dishes in this bucket in the shower,’ she adds as she reaches up to a grey plastic tub sitting on the top shelf.

As for her clothes, they are hung up across from the kitchen area on a rack.

Caleb also cuts to a stuffed pig sitting on her bed and goes: ‘This is amazing.’

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