Woman DIES after falling from ferris wheel meant for children ‘in front of horrified onlookers’


A woman tragically lost her life after falling from a children’s ferris wheel in Brazil.

Maria do Carmo, 49, was seen talking to people on the ground before the ride was started manually and she fell, hitting an iron bar.

Despite immediate medical attention and efforts to resuscitate her, Maria sadly passed away.

The ferris wheel, located in a restaurant playground, was cordoned off by authorities. It had a sign indicating it was only for kids aged five to ten.

Iury Vieira, one of the restaurant’s owners, told Brazilian news outlet G1 that the ferris wheel benches had safety locks but these were only for children.

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The fire department said checking the ferris wheel wasn’t their job.

Lieutenant Matheus Viol pointed out that it was up to the restaurant’s owners and the technical boss to get it checked by the right engineering council.

Vieira admitted they didn’t have a licence for the ferris wheel or playground. He was busy with deliveries and his dad was at the till when the accident happened.

Vieira said: ‘We didn’t really see the fact, of her actually falling off wheel. A guy was with her and called me into the restaurant. Then I saw the fact that she had fallen to the ground.’

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