‘Food is my weakness’: Britney Spears reflects on childhood eating habits AND discusses her weight


CELEBRITY FOOD – Britney Spears got candid about her weight while opening up about being a ‘passionate eater’ in a new Instagram post uploaded on Friday.

The Baby One More Time songstress, 42 – who recently shared an upbeat dancing video in a red sequin ensemble – uploaded an image of a tasty dessert from Glace by Noglu, an ice cream shop located in the heart of New York City.

In the caption, the performer penned to her 42.6 million fans, ‘Food is my weakness I will admit it!!!’

She is a Passionate Eater

‘When I was younger and would go to restaurants with my mom, she would either say “sit still” or “you are eating way too fast … please slow down”!!!’ she recalled, and then added, ‘I’m a passionate eater.’

‘I do remember at lunch though everybody’s meal was still there when mine was gone in 2 seconds!!!’

Spears then explained, ‘But it’s weird my weight stays pretty much the same !!! I’m usually 135 on the scale … that’s my normal weight !!! Well that’s good for me !!!’

Her Goal Weight

The star then revealed her goal weight by typing, ‘I want to be 125 – 128 but I’m probably gonna do 140 now that this damn BLAZE coffee place has opened !!! D*** !!!’

Britney gushed about the image of the yummy treat and further revealed that she still enjoys a dessert from Wendy’s.

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‘I still eat the same secret hot fudge Sunday from Wendy’s !!! The one that has the deep bottom brownie. Yep they still have it !!! Around dinner I will go eat one for dinner !!!’

Towards the end of the caption, the Toxic hitmaker referenced to her ex, Sam Asghari.

When She Ended it With Her Husband

Last year in August, the actor notably filed for divorce from the singer after only 14 months of marriage.

‘My ex husband was a trainer so he knew a lot of different ways and easy tricks to stay healthy !!! With food I think it’s weird though !!! Timing is important I think !!!’ she wrote to her fans.

‘Sometimes when I see food commercials I’m like GROOSSSSS. But then sometimes I stop and drool !!!’

In conclusion, Britney added, ‘I suggest whoever you’re with or thinking of being with … make sure you look at them just the way you’re looking at that blaze coffee. Psss CAN I HAVE MORE PLEASE !!!’

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