Germany Is Preparing For Putin’s Attack Against NATO In 2025

Germany Is Preparing For Putin Attack Against NATO In 2025

Plans for a Russian invasion against NATO have thought to have been leaked, as Europe prepares for an attack.

According to leaked secret plans, Germany is allegedly preparing for Vladimir Putin’s forces to attack NATO in 2025.

Secret documents from the German Ministry of Defence were published by German newspaper Bild.

The documents reveal in detail the supposed path to a Third World War with Putin using Belarus as a launching pad for an invasion.

The secret “Alliance Defence 2025” document details how Russia will supposedly mobilise another 200,000 soldiers in Russia before launching a spring offensive against Ukrainian forces in Spring this year.

The documents suggest that by June, amid dwindling Western support and weaponry, Russia would achieve success on the battlefield and make significant advances through Ukraine.

It comes just days after Sweden’s civil defence minister warned that his country could soon face the prospect of war.

Swedish citizens were urged to join voluntary defence organisations in preparation for a Russian attack.

Putin would then launch cyber-attacks in July in the Baltics at the same time while simultaneously engaging in violence in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania by claiming that ethnic Russian minorities are being targeted.

Following clashes there, Putin would launch a large-scale exercise with 50,000 Russian troops sent to Belarus and western Russia by September.

A month later, Putin would move troops and medium-range missiles to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad, which is nestled between Poland and Lithuania.

However, Putin’s main aim will be to attack a narrow strip of land known as the Suwałki Gap. This island on the border between Lithuania, Poland, Belarus and the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad.

Poland and Lithuania have fought for control of the area, but today it is part of Poland and is the only land border between mainland Europe and the Baltic States.

Due to its location, any invasion there could cause huge problems for NATO.

The plans suggest that during an extraordinary meeting of the UN Security Council, Moscow would accuse the West of preparing to attack Russia according to the documents.

According to the scenario, NATO would convene a special meeting in January 2025 at which Poland and the Baltic states report an increasing Russian threat and plead for help.

Russia would take advantage of the chaos and by March 2025, the Kremlin would move even more troops towards the Baltics and Belarus.

Then, on an undisclosed date named ‘Day X’, NATO would deploy 300,000 soldiers, including 30,000 from Germany, to its eastern border to defend against an impending Russian attack.

A German Ministry of Defence spokesperson told Bild they did not want to comment on the specific NATO Defence scenario but said: “Basically, I can tell you that considering different scenarios, even if they are extremely unlikely, is part of everyday military business, especially in training.”

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