Girl pours BOILING water on friend during house party in Russia


RUSSIA – Shocking video shows a girl pouring boiling water on one of her friends during a house party.

Details of the incident

In Chelyabinsk, during a get-together in an apartment, the hostess came out to the guests with a saucepan and threw boiling water right in the face of one of the guys.

The incident was caught on video.

It all happened in one of the new buildings on Professor Blagikh Street in the Parkovy microdistrict.

About 20 young people gathered in a small room without furniture.

The ‘hot’ moment

A red-haired girl came out of the kitchen, holding a saucepan and an aluminum can, and poured hot water right into the face of a guy in a blue T-shirt.

He fell in pain, slipped on the wet floor and ran out of the room. The recording shows that the boiling water also hit the dark-haired girl and she is also writhing in pain.

‘Vika, what are you doing?’, the guests shout.

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Investigation reveals

According to the Emergency News Agency, the blatant act was preceded by a smoke bomb thrown into the kitchen. The footage actually shows smoke.

Afterwards, the girl returned to the guests without the pan, but still with the same jar.In the comments they write that the owner is 21 years old, she received the apartment as an orphan.

‘According to the residents of this house, she led an immoral lifestyle, drinking, partying, loud music until the morning, and did not respond to neighbors’ comments,’ Natalya writes on social networks.

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