Map reveals the places in England having the most sex – and the top locations are VERY surprising


ENGLAND – An interactive map – based on responses from 5,000 adults across the country – seems set to spark a row over who is really having more fun in the bedroom on average.

Sleep technology firm Simba have pulled back the covers to unveil their first ‘bad behaviour report’ that reveals England‘s best and worst bedtime habits by region, from sleep and sex to Netflix binges and scrolling on social.

What Place Takes the First Spot

Taking the top spot for the area enjoying the most saucy night-time activities with their partner was Rutland, with those calling the location home having sex 2.69 times per week on average.

Second was Berkshire, with 2.37 times a week, and third place went to Buckinghamshire (2.31), while the fourth spot was claimed by Cambridgeshire (2.14).

West Midlands (2.05) came in fifth, followed by Shropshire (2.02), Greater London (2.01), Leicestershire (1.95), Derbyshire (1.91) and finally Warwickshire (1.84).

Meanwhile residents of Norfolk (0.92) are the least intimate per week, according to the research.

The East Anglia area was followed shortly by Suffolk (0.96), as well as North locations Northumberland and Merseyside (both 0.97).

Worcestershire (1.03), Northamptonshire (1.07), East Sussex (1.1), Essex (1.24), Gloucestershire (1.28) and Surrey (1.27) rounded up the list of places having the least sex per week on average.

What Statistic Says

Simba, in collaboration with the UK’s leading independent charity in sleep, The Sleep Charity, examined the data from more than 5,000 adults across England to uncover how our mattress usage impacts our quest for the perfect night’s rest.

The report delves into the best and worst bedtime habits, with The Sleep Charity explaining the impact these behaviours have on a good night’s sleep.

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It reveals that 65 per cent of people across England regularly fail to get the bare minimum of seven hours of sleep every night, as recommended by the NHS – and 34 per cent describe the quality of their sleep as ‘poor’.

Details About Sleep Quality And Using Your Bed

Lisa Artis, Deputy CEO at The Sleep Charity said: ‘Sleep quality hinges on many different factors – the amount of energy we expel during the day, the regularity of it and the amount of stimulants we consume.

‘But it also depends on how you use your bed and what meaning your brain learns to assign to it, preventing it from switching off.

‘There is a consensus amongst sleep experts that, if we restrict our mattress activities to sex, sleep and sickness, our slumber quality will vastly improve.

‘However, this new research from Simba shows that less than a quarter of adults in the country actually abide by the golden rule of the “3 S’s.”’

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