Meghan Markle and Prince Harry – The Ultimate Humiliation??

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry – The Ultimate Humiliation??

I’m sure you all heard about and saw the videos and photos of the Cunticious Couple from California who rocked up to the movie premiere in Jamaica. Baldy in his usual grunge look and Blacky in her usual oversized borrowed dress.

But how many of you noticed about the seating arrangements in the cinema? Yes, the CCC were shown to the cheap seats but even in Jamaica, there are levels of cheapness.

Look at their seats and look at the seats behind them. The CCC don’t even merit bottles of free water! That’s how down the pecking order they are. And she looks absolutely ridiculous in that outfit trying to fit into those narrow seats. There’s going to be flying saucers when they get back to the mountain of poo!

Check the Comments of some netizens:

Tarquin Rimington-Smythe

Surely Their Royal Majesty’s Prince Henry and Princess Meghan of Sussex (aka the Markle-Hewitts) are so naturally humble that it is their WISH to sit in the cheap seats with the poor people as it shows the world how much empathy they have towards the uneducated manual working classes who would naturally be DELIGHTED to sit in the same row as a beautiful much-loved Princess and a LEGEND of aviation. Or maybe not.

Pamela Miller

As usual, Nutmeg tried to look like an A-list star who was the star of this casual movie event. With a lot of the audience in tee shirts and baseball hats, her overdressed ball gown was completely out of place! Unlike the time, at Wimbledon, when she demanded, and got, many people removed from their seats, the best she could get in Jamaica, if she had tried to throw her weight around, which is notably less now, were the cheap seats!

Rachel Forrest

When you are so desperate for an ‘event’ that you’ll travel 3000 miles by private jet to see a movie, you want to dress up in a totally inappropriate outfit. Harry looks haunted.

Fred Dibnah

His stance and expression scream dejection.


Wow! I’ve just watched the secretly captured video on Meghansmole on YouTube. It’s a bit blurry, but you can see her really laying into him. He gets up and walks out, followed closely by a grey suited ‘body guard’ (trapper to make sure Hairy doesn’t escape?!) He does NOT look happy!

You know what, Harold, you made your bed with that whore. That’s all she ever will be: a trashy, whore.

Make a real dash for it, for the nearest airport. Get a scheduled flight back to blighty and make your way – alone – to Kensington Palace where the ghost of mummy will be waiting with some todger cream to make it all better.

Yve S

No, please not back here. Let him go and get his new jerk chicken on the island. Maybe the man was keeping an eye on any girls he got too close to. He was having a stompy tantrum.

Mandy Copeland

Do you think that having to put her own (cheap) seat down and trying to accommodate that voluminous, inappropriate dress, will finally impress on MM how very UNroyal she now is?

Rachel Forrest

If they are not living together, and she was apparently there a week before him with someone else, sounds like the act for appearance sake is not working out. He looks awful. Near breaking point.

Mandy Copeland

Yes, I did watch that but she still had the rictus grin on her face so it wasn’t too clear that they were arguing or that he stormed off. x

Lily L.

MM wanted to attend an event where she was the main attraction given the snub/absence at the aviation event. She and her trash bag outfit certainly were standouts and definitely not in a good way.

If she didn’t poison H’s connection with his family, he would likely have fled long ago. She knows that without the pussy whipped husband she wouldn’t get invited to any events, even insignificant ones like the Jamaica one. She’s a shining star only in her own deluded mind.


Hmm. Comment disappeared. So, I’ll repost, if it shows up twice, I’m sorry. Here goes:

I’m no designer or fashion expert, so I hope I explain correctly. Look at the back of her skirt, by the center seam, zipper, looks like a skirt big enough for her boxy build, but then too big in waist, so it looks awkward, appears each side was gathered in and tacked up to fit waist. No good flow of material.

Frances Buckley

Maybe it’s trying to replicate an 1870s bustle. Whatever it is she is too short and thick-waisted to pull it off. Fashion is missed again.


I bet it’s the dress she wanted to DancE with JT in. Diana danced in a black dress

Rachel Forrest

I would defy anyone to dance in that dress. Too long, too voluminous, it would have to be held up all the time. Trip hazard.

Fred Dibnah

Wow. she really thinks she is something special!!! I can almost hear her giving harry the bollocking of his vacuous life along the lines of, why the fuck did you buy the cheap seats? harry responds. we have to cut back a bit smexy how was I to know your fat arse would not fit into those seats wearing that ridiculous dress,

Barli Canuck

In the wider picture, the guy wearing a trucker hat is sitting behind them, and rows and rows in front of the Markles is a guy dressed for a reefer, ganja movie. Lots of film, pictures out of Harry and sparkles in the cheap seats! Harry’s getting ripped! Girls were saying poor fella, as markle was filmed ripping Harry a new asshole- since the one next to him was yelling about the super-duper cheap seats!! Everyone’s laughing filming the beat-down Harry got. We’ll Harry you definitely deserve E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G coming your way. You married Ms. Oakland

Looks like Markles is reaching for his throat! Maybe Markles is asking paramount she has a script for a new movie- Reefer Madness #2!!

Guess she needed the huge stain-free dress to catch all that popcorn.


She looks like she is asking if they are sure that they are really their seats

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