Mobility scooter rider ‘shoves woman to ground’ before driving OVER her


HULL – A mobility scooter rider shoves a woman to the ground before driving over her – while he pins another man to a barrier in a shocking bust-up.

The Horrifying Bust-up

The bald man on the scooter can be seen screaming at the pair – yelling ‘get the f**k out of my town’ as he first shoves the woman to the floor and then grabs the second by his hoodie.

As he reaches for the man his vehicle speeds forwards, crashing into the stricken lady and pushing her across the pavement in front of him.

It then starts to driving over her as she comes to a halt against a set of barriers next to a main road in Hull.

Then he Assaulted Another man

In a terrifying scene, he starts to beat the man, who is wearing a white tracksuit and baseball cap – while the woman remains trapped under his wheels.

The lady, wearing a black and white dress alongside a blue puffer jacket can be seen angrily berating the man riding the scooter at the start of the video.

She miraculously manages to continue shouting into her phone even while she is pushed across the floor.

The man wearing a tracksuit appears to whimper ‘yes’ as he is punched in the face and screamed at by the attacker.

As the camera zooms in closer on his face, he can be seen with blood running down from a cut above his eye and a split lip.

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People are Cheering the man

In a second video, where the scene is filmed from a passing bus, the crowd of passengers can be heard cheering as the woman is rammed into the barriers and driven over.

Another bystander can be seen trying to restrain them as the woman lies trapped under the machine.

As they drive away one can be heard shouting: ‘Nice one baldy!’ 

Another video, claiming to have been taken just before, shows the man wearing a tracksuit arguing with a bus driver, before he throws a liquid over him through the vehicle’s open door.

A voice, which can be heard in the video, claims the man had spat in his face. 

The woman can also be seen standing in the middle of the road in front of the bus, shouting into her phone. 

Another draws a parallel with fellow Hull-resident Ronnie Pickering, whose foul mouthed rant at a moped rider went viral in 2015. 

Mr Pickering, 57, rose to notoriety when he repeatedly screamed at another motorist ‘do you know who I am’ and proceeded to shout ‘I am Ronnie Pickering’. 

The joker laughed: ‘This is our hero not that dafty Pickering.’

And a third added: ‘We don’t want toe rags in our town and we politely ask them to leave. Respect.’

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