NBA Youngboy, 24, CALLS out 4 out of his 9 baby mamas (video)


NBA YoungBoy, the 24-year-old American rapper who has 9 baby mamas, has called out 4 of them on Instagram Live.

NBA YoungBoy updates

The rapper rubbished reports that he is not always there for his kids. He said he always has his children at his house except for the ones he has with 4 of his baby mamas.

He added that only those four baby mamas can’t reach him because he ‘don’t f*ck with them.’

He proceeded to name the baby mamas that can’t reach him – Jania, NBA Yaya (Floyd Mayweather‘s daughter), Nisha and Cola.

NBA YoungBoy said that even with his house full of ‘hoes’ the kids will still be running around.

Slamming the four he mentioned, he called his first baby mama Nisha broke. They share his oldest son name Draco.

He goes on to call his baby mama Cola the ‘feds’ because she called the police after he had a few of his girlfriends attack her.

He proceeded to say that ‘Jania is lame with her blown up chest and a clown.’

As for Floyd Mayweather’s daughter, Yaya, NBA YoungBoy called her a stick body b*tch who annoys him.

He added that she will only let him see his son if she goes with him and he doesn’t want her around when he’s seeing their son.

Recall that Yaya got 6 year’s probation for stabbing a girl during fight over NBA.

Yaya was heavily pregnant with NBA’s child when she got into the fight.

What age did NBA Youngboy has his first child?

NBA began having kids really early. At the age of 18, he had five kids with 4 different women.

At the age of 21, he already had 8 kids with different women.

Most of the kids were born months apart, with many of the women pregnant at the same time.

At the age of 19, it was reported that he was dating 12 women at the same time.

Now, as expected for a man with many baby mamas, he is having issues with some of them.

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