Prince Edward Displays Trim Figure In Rare Casual Look Ahead Of 60th Birthday

Prince Edward Displays Trim Figure In Rare Casual Look Ahead Of 60th Birthday

The Duke of Edinburgh showed off his trim figure as he sported a rare casual look during his visit to the island of St Helena last week.

Prince Edward, 59, usually opts for suits and blazers and shirts, but he donned a black polo shirt as he hiked to Blue Point and learned about the area’s wildlife.

The father-of-two began his four-day visit to the remote island on Tuesday, and encountered the world’s oldest living land animal – Jonathan the 191-year-old giant tortoise.

Like many of his family members, Edward is a big fan of sport and was seen sporting wraparound sunglasses on the overseas trip, a common accessory for runners and cyclists. And back in 2016, the royal was seen wearing a FitBit.

One of Edward’s major focuses is The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award, which centres around fitness, wellbeing and community service.

Edward is also an avid tennis player and has even hit the court on some of his public engagements, including playing in an exhibition match of real tennis in La Bastide Clairence, southwestern France in 2018.

He is Patron of the British Paralympic Association, GB Snowsport, Badminton Scotland, The Tennis & Rackets Association, and President of the Sport & Recreation Alliance.

The Duke is also Vice-Patron of the Commonwealth Games Federation, having attended every Commonwealth Games since Edinburgh hosted the event in 1986.

At the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, Edward was joined by his wife, Sophie, and their two children, Lady Louise Windsor and James, Earl of Wessex.

Sport is one of the royal’s focuses

Ahead of Edward’s 60th birthday, Monique Eastwood, the celebrity trainer will A-List stars including Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt and Stanley Tucci and founder of fitness app, Eastwood Fit. 

Telling us why it’s so important to keep in shape as you get older, Monique says: “It’s the unfortunate reality that as we age, we lose muscle mass and bone density. This therefore also heightens the risk of falling and the possibility of breaking our bones.

“Balance and stability therefore are very important and we need strength to maintain this in our bodies. Maintaining muscle is crucial for a healthier metabolism too.”

With the Office for National Statistics reporting a record increase in 2022 in the number of people still working over the age of 65, keeping fit and healthy is more important than ever.

Monique says: “Keeping our lungs and heart healthy as we age is essential too. As we age we need to feel we are still able to live a normal lifestyle. E.g. walking , swimming, skiing, playing tennis, lifting and playing with grandchildren, lifting heavy objects etc.

“Exercise can prevent some serious illnesses, e.g. diabetes and heart disease so as we age we should be really focusing on spending time taking care of ourselves to prevent any potential health problems.”

So What Kinds Of Exercise Are Best If You’re Over 60?

Monique said: “It doesn’t matter what exercise you choose to do, as I think the most beneficial thing is to do something you enjoy and will continue to do. So try to mix it up! Variety will stimulate your brain and your body much more.

“At this stage I also think it’s important to be part of exercising with others as this is vital for our mental health and wellbeing. Whatever exercise you choose to do just make sure it challenges your body enough to maintain your muscles and build up enough strength in your whole system. 

“Including weight-bearing moves to improve bone density and any exercise that’s going to improve, maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system too.”

She adds: “In my Eastwood Movement Method, I run what I call ‘Technique’ sessions. These are sequences that are very controlled but you’re lifting a heavier weight. Because the session has elements of balance, cardio and weight-bearing strength sets – it helps to build better endurance plus, the all-important – mobility and flexibility!”

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