Chilling doorbell camera footage SHOWS woman being chased by truck down before vanishing out of sight


Chilling doorbell camera footage shows the moment a woman was chased by a truck down a dark Denver street.

The clip, now being used as part of a police investigation, shows the woman fleeing on foot as she’s chased by the man in the pickup on the south side of the city.

Details of The Chase

The chase occurred in front of several homes in a neighborhood by Interstate 225 and Yosemite Street, cops said.

It happened this past Friday, and one of the homes captured the unnamed woman frantically wading through snow as the car follows close behind. When it catches up, she switches direction, and both she and the car disappear into the night.

What Police Call it

The Denver Police Department have since identified the situation as a domestic violence case, one they said they are still vetting as both the woman and her partner remain unnamed.

Later in the day, a domestic violence expert offered his take on what he believed had been occurring.

‘Healthy relationships don’t escalate to attempting to mow your partner down with a car,’ Franklin Erickson of the domestic violence survivor support group The Initiative said of the clip, which is only a few seconds long

‘Very clearly a situation where this person needs help,’ he continued, speaking to local outlet Fox 31. ‘Very clearly a situation where her safety is in jeopardy.’

She Escaped

Police proceeded to offer their own explanation on the woman’s ordeal, revealing Friday the woman had been forced into the truck by the unseen motorist, but managed to escape.

She went on to get chased by the man driving the truck, cops said, but eventually got away.

The man, meanwhile, was arrested the next day, officers confirmed – without providing a charge.

Details of The Arrest

His identity, as well as the alleged victim’s, remains unknown – though Erickson on Friday provided some insight onto what may have predated the interaction. 

‘This kind of thing starts with, you know, verbal abuse,’ he said, before pointing to control – the urgent need to know – as another potential trigger.

‘Their partner’s exact location at all times, going through their phone,’ Erickson said.

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He went on to add that abuse can sometimes be followed – or preceded – by caring or remorseful actions from the abuser, which should be taken with a grain of salt, he warned.

“[Such treatment will only continue] until the next incident,’ he advised, ‘where that behavior then may escalate.’

As of Sunday morning, the woman’s current condition and identity have yet to be revealed.

The same is true for the alleged instigator, who is seen pulling a U-turn at a point to give chase to the victim.

The Denver Police Department is handling the case, and their investigation, as of writing, remains ongoing.

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