Jennifer Lopez tells Kelly Clarkson she had ‘deep FEARS of being alone’ before ‘twist’ that led her back to Ben Affleck


Jennifer Lopez sat down with Kelly Clarkson on her talk show on Monday morning.

The 54-year-old Bronx-born diva was chatting up her new movie, documentary and album, all titled This Is Me… Now.

Her Worries

And in doing so she revealed a new tidbit: before she got back together with Ben – her former fiancé from 20 years ago – she worried she would end up alone.

The crooner also said that getting back with the Oscar-winning Affleck was like a ‘plot twist’ which she shares in her new movie.

‘This is not a fairy tale…this is a real tale,’ said the former Fly Girl.

Now She’s Grown

Jennifer also said she thinks she has really ‘grown as an artist and a person.’

Lopez then broke down the lyrics to her new songs – one is titled Can’t Get Enough.

And the Latin looker bonded with Kelly over their ‘yin-yang’ outlook on relationships. 

What Kelly Fears

Kelly said that she has a fear of being in a relationship because she loses herself but Jennifer has a fear of being alone.

‘We maybe have the same issues but we went in separate ways,’ said Kelly.

Clarkson then admitted she ‘caters’ to men. 

Why She Felt That Way

Lopez said, ‘I don’t know if it’s because I was a middle child or because we had one bed, and we shared a bed with my sisters so I was used to having bodies around,’ she laughed.

‘I got very comforted by that and I liked that feeling,’ said Jennifer.

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How She Learned to be Alone

The star then said she had to learn how to be alone and to be ‘my own best friend.’ 

She added, ‘I am much better at it now and it took a lot of work, it takes a lot of work to change anything about yourself and the patterns – that is what the movie is about, changing patterns.’

Also, in celebration of Lopez’s new album This Is Me…Now, Jennifer took on Kelly in an ultra-competitive game of Throw Me A Line!

And as a nod to her guest, Clarkson and My Band Y’all performed Lopez’s hit song Let’s Get Loud during Kellyoke.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer’s New Project

This comes after Jennifer thanked fans for taking to her new project.

She appeared on Instagram in a new video, expressing gratitude to her followers for supporting her latest endeavors.

‘I just had to come on and say how much I love you guys and thank you,’ she began. ‘The day is finally here, I know you waited a long time.’

Before signing off, she added: ‘We’re going on tour, we’re doing this thing, it’s gonna be all summer, all of us, together.’

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