Katherine Ryan SLATES Taylor Swift for Celine Dion Grammy snub


Katherine Ryan divided her fans on Monday when she took to Instagram to slate Taylor Swift for her famous Celine Dion snub on Grammy night. 

The Canadian comedian and actress, 40, shared a clip from her podcast – Katherine Ryan Telling Everybody Everything – to her almost one million followers on the social media platform.

She Claps at Swift

She wrote in the caption: ‘I’m so sorry #swifties – I love #taylorswift as much as anybody but a moment not honouring #celinedion is a moment squandered. #swiftie #céline #grammys #britishcomedy #tellingeverybodyeverything.’

In the video, Katherine empathised with it being ‘a young person’s mistake’ (Taylor is 34) but, at the same time, emphasised that Taylor didn’t just snub anyone – she snubbed Celine.

Katherine hilariously insisted: ‘If it’s your wedding day, if you are about to bungee jump, if you just won a Grammy, if you just won the Super Bowl – I don’t care what’s happening…’

She continued: ‘You could be giving birth, you go: “Hold on a sec.” Close your legs together, go: ‘Celine Dion, thank you for your presence. What an honor it is to be gazed upon by your brilliant face.’

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Commenters React

Katherine’s fans and other Instagram users flooded her comments with criticism, saying: ‘This is really unnecessary’ with Katherine replying ‘Welcome to my content’.

Another wrote: ‘WOW women bagging women, I’m not by any means a fan of Taylor Swift but how about not getting on the bandwagon and tearing apart everything she does.

Eventually a positive comment appeared, reading: ‘Totally agree, but this will definitely get you some stick from the Swifties ❤️.’

Katherine replied: ‘ENGAGEMENT’ with a laughing-crying emoji.

A third typed: ‘Don’t need to tear one down to love the other. C’mon Kath you’re better than that’ but Katherine firmly replied ‘I am not’. 

It comes after made a surprise rare appearance at the 66th annual Academy Awards ceremony, amid her battle with stiff-person syndrome, to present Taylor with the award she herself won 27 years ago.

Taylor – who was nominated for her 2022 record Midnights – became the first person to win the accolade four times and excitingly made her way to the stage at Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles.

Celine 55, handed her the award, but fans pointed out that Taylor didn’t acknowledge her and didn’t make eye contact.

Instead, she quickly looked back to celebrate the moment with her collaborators instead, not acknowledging Celine until her speech.

However, there appeared to be no ill-feelings as the iconic pair later posed-up happily backstage.

Some Commenters Share Katherine’s View

‘Taylor Swift didn’t even hug or acknowledge Celine Dion. Can’t f*****g stand this t**t,’ one upset fan wrote on social media afterwards. 

‘Taylor Swift completely ignoring Celine Dion like she was some trophy model presenter was #GRAMMYS was wild. She’s won this three times and usually such a pro. But to ignore an icon, who is dealing with so much? Yikes.’ 

‘As someone who has defended Taylor, I can’t defend this. No acknowledgment of Celine whatsoever,’ another added. 

‘Taylor Swift will never EVER live down ignoring Celine Dion at the Grammys.’ 

‘Taylor Swift not acknowledging Celine Dion, a legend, at the Grammys, but dragging Lana to that stage? Smh,’ another person wrote in reference to Lana Del Rey being on stage. 

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