Marie Osmond, 64, says she stays a size 2 because she wants to ride bicycles with HER grandkids


Marie Osmond stays fit for her family as she reveals that she is trim so she can keep up with her grandchildren

‘If I’m at the end of the life I want to spend time with my family,’ said the singer, who also stays active with power walks.

‘I hope to be the fun grandma!’

‘One reason I stay in good shape is because I wanna go bike riding with my grandkids I wanna be the fun grandma and you can’t do that if you don’t feel great,’ added the Paper Roses crooner. 

‘Those are my priorities for me I want my grandkids to know me the real me not the Marie Osmond they see on TV but I want them to know who I am and that’s a real time commitment.’

‘It’s so funny this Christmas my eight year old grandson asked me if I was kind of famous and I said no not me because I don’t want them to see me as a famous person and I want them to see me as me,’ she shared.

‘At this stage of my life I’m blessed to have six decades in this career God has been good to me.’

She also talked her Bucket List

‘My bucket list started when my album titled Unexpected debuted at number one on billboard, which was really – how funny is this? – unexpected for me because I thought I’m old what happened how could this happen?’ she noted.

‘I was like – hold on a second! I’m still doing so well but really what have I been doing for fun?’ she remarked.

‘It really was a mental shift for me and I started to think about things I really wanted to do like traveling.’

And she has really enjoyed seeing new countries

‘I always wanted to go to Israel so I went with my son and we clown climbed Mount Sinai and watch the sun rise together,’ said the TV star.

‘I jumped out of a plane with my daughters because I had a fear of heights and I wanted to tackle it I also went to Iceland and Greenland with my husband so I was wanting to go.’

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She is also still an ambassador with NutriSystem after almost 20 years.

Last year she helped introduce a program for people over 50 which takes into account key health factors.

Why 50 is a Special Number to Her

Fifty is a special number to Marie as she lost 50lbs with the program, and it has been 50 years since her music career began.

‘Nutrisystem helped me lose 50 pounds and it changed my life for the better,’ Osmond told

‘Maintaining my weight loss has allowed me to feel my best and have more energy than ever before. I am thriving!’

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