Two male subway surfers caught having SEX on top of moving train


Two men were caught having sex on top of a moving 7 train in New York City, with the bare-bottom display becoming the latest shocking disregard for safety by subway surfers.

The Incident Goes Viral

Jonathan Eli took to social media to post pictures of the hazardous incident – which took place at around 1.20pm last Friday – showing the pair stood on the roof of the subway train as it crossed the raised tracks above the Van Wyck Expressway.

Eli, whose X bio reads ‘transit workers against corruption,’ captioned his cheeky post: ‘What is the MTA doing about this?’ 

In the pictures, a third man can also be seen on top of the train watching the other men have sex. The subway surfers’ identities are currently unknown.   

‘The only thing dumber than riding on top of a subway train is dropping pants in the process,’ Tim Minton, the MTA communications director, told The New York Post

Those reckless clowns aren’t thinking about the mess that cleaners and other transit workers will have to deal with when their stupid stunt goes tragically wrong,’ Minton added. 

In the first image, one man in a dark hoodie is seen with his pants down – his bare buttocks clearly visible to onlookers – as he holds the other man from behind.

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In the second picture, the two men are now seen facing each other. The one with his pants down stands tall as the other appears to squat in front of him. 

As they have sex, the third man is seen sitting on the other side of them, watching the free show. 

Commenters React

Under Eli’s post, the NYCT Subway account commented and asked for Eli to send them a direct message with further details about the shocking incident. 

Baffled commenters shared their thoughts on the bizarre subway sex. One said: ‘New meaning for that song “The train kept rollin’ all night long”.’ 

‘More details? A picture is worth a thousand words,’ another said.

Another wrote: ‘Uhhhhhh… I’m not even sure what to say about that!’ 

Saga Surrounding Subway Surfing

Subway surfing has become a huge issue in the Big Apple as the MTA has tried to crack down on the dangerous trend. 

Alam Reyes, 14, fell off of a Coney Island bound F Train in Brooklyn last month after riding on top of the train. He died at the scene. 

His heartbroken half-brother revealed that the teenager followed multiple social media accounts that posted pictures and videos of subway surfing around the city. 

‘Now that you go to his social media, you see who he’s following, who’s his friends,’ Diego Tinoco, told the Daily News. ‘You see the videos people post of subway surfing, you realize now it’s too late.’ 

‘He was a nice kid, he had a lot of friends, he just hung out in the wrong circle,’ Tinoco added. 

His Brother Chose Subway Over School

He said his brother ditched class at Landmark High School in Chelsea and went subway surfing with a friend.

The friend continued on to the next stop after Reyes fell at the elevated Avenue N station in Midwood above McDonald Avenue.

People on McDonald Avenue saw blood in the street and then saw a sneaker fall from the tracks overhead, Ernesto Galindo, who works at Vinnie’s Pizza told the Daily News.

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