Welcome to pot-hell: Twelve cars are left stranded in one night after hitting the SAME pothole on single stretch of road


A staggering 12 cars were left stranded on one night after hitting the same pothole on a single stretch of road dubbed ‘pot-hell’ by furious locals.

About The Pot-Hell

Multiple cars saw their tyres burst after striking the crater on Frant Road, near Crowborough, East Sussex on Valentine’s Day.

It was the fourth time in two years that cars have been left stranded on this stretch of road after hitting severe potholes.

In November 2022, 15 vehicles broke down on Bunny Lane after striking a crater. 

The next month, three more vehicles were forced to park up on the same 1.2 mile thoroughfare when they suffered damage at the hands of a depression in the tarmac. 

And last January, eight cars were left stranded after buckling their wheels on a hole on the same lane.

Locals have described the stretch – used as a thoroughfare between Crowborough and Tunbridge Wells, Kent – as ‘pot-hell’.

Statement From Frustrated Driver

Cleaner Jane Grace, 47, was one of the motorists whose tyre was damaged after hitting the hole on Frant Road last week. 

The mother-of-two raged: ‘When I got out of the car I looked down the road and there were four other cars stopped with their hazards on.

‘I tried to flag down other drivers to warn them but it was too dark for them to see me, so more people just kept hitting the same hole. 

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‘Luckily my husband was three or four cars behind me, so he stopped and helped me to put the spare wheel on. By the time we left there were about 10 people pulled up with their hazards on and two police cars.

‘I think it’s got to be one of the worst stretches in the country for potholes. It’s ‘pot-hell’!’

Police directed traffic while East Sussex Highways attended to carry out interim repairs on the cavity between the junctions of Bunny Lane and Tangier Lane. No collisions or injuries were reported.

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