Bam Margera’s fiancée in a heated spat with him after MCL tear, thinking he had RELAPSED


Bam Margera got into a loud argument with his fiancée that was caught on camera, and while it looked and sounded like they were at each other’s throats.

The former ‘Jackass’ star was arguing with Dannii Marie last Thursday outside of a Nashville hotel — not long after he’d injured himself in a skate stunt that left him with a torn MCL and ACL.

In the video, Bam and Dannii was seen shouting at each other in a heated conversation. However, Bam has said all is well in their relationship, and that the scene actually stemmed out of love.

He says the argument started after he stepped outside for a smoke break, meanwhile, Dannii apparently thought he was trying to sneak away to use hard drugs, as he has in the past.

What People Think

Fact is, a lot of online trolls have speculated Bam might relapse after his injury if he were prescribed pain meds.

We’re told Dannii found Bam outside in the alley, and confronted him about that very possibility thinking the worst, but he insists the only thing he lit up was a cig.

What Bam Said

Bam says Dannii was simply expressing concern for him, and he absolutely appreciates his woman looking out for his best interests. He credits her with keeping him on the straight and narrow with his sobriety.

Bam says he took a urine test that day to reassure Dannii he was clean, and he tells us he remains substance-free even to this day marking 6 months of sobriety already.

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