Ulrika Jonsson talks about her ‘sex drive’ as she ADMITS she dates toyboys for their energies


Ulrika Jonsson has opened up on her preference for dating younger men and has insisted her sex drive has never gotten in the way.

Why She Dates Toyboys

The TV personality, 56, previously admitted that her recent dates have been much younger than her, and says that she likes their ‘energy’.

How it All Started

After her divorce from her third husband Brian Monet in 2019, Ulrika began her first foray into online dating where she said she had forgotten to set an age limit.

However, despite insisting it wasn’t ‘deliberate’, she has enjoyed dating toyboys and added that their age gap makes no difference in the bedroom.

She said: ‘I thought, “Oh there’s a lot of young men on here!” but actually I love the energy of young people.

‘My best friend asks me all the time why I date younger men, but it wasn’t deliberate. There are pluses and minuses to both. 

‘It’s not that men my age come with baggage – I’ve got a whole cabin full of baggage – but they seem to maybe have struggled getting over something from the past.

What She Likes About Younger Guys

‘With younger guys, they are more straightforward and their lives are about them. But energy and connection in the bedroom can be across generations and the ages.’

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Ulrika added: ‘My sex drive I have to say, has not been an issue for me – ever!’

In 2022, Ulrika opened up about sleeping with younger men, but denied that she was ‘ageist’.

Despite She’s 56, She Has Had Fun With 26

She told Loose Women that she had been seeing men up to 28 years her junior, with the youngest admirer only 26.

She admitted: ‘Recent ones, I’ve only really had dates, I guess, I’ve not had a relationship with anybody – but the dates have been a little younger, yes.

‘They didn’t know I was Ulrika Jonsson, which was great.’

She added thoughtfully: ‘That’s the dream, to have someone just take you for who you are. I guess the youngest was 26. So yeah 26, 30 ish.’

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