Charles Spencer Unveils The Cause Behind His ‘Incessant Nightmares’

Charles Spencer Unveils The Cause Behind His 'Incessant Nightmares'

Recently, Charles Spencer reminisced about a cherished childhood memory from his family residence, Althorp House, where he shared upbringing with his late sister, Princess Diana. Additionally, he confided in one of Diana’s intimate friends, Julia Samuel, in a heartfelt revelation about the reason behind his “endless nightmares.”

During an episode of her podcast Therapy Works, the Earl discussed his experience writing his bestselling new book, “A Very Private School,” and the emotional challenges it brought him.

The Earl said: “During the writing, I don’t think I was much fun to be around, because it was so intense and I was having endless nightmares and all of that.” 

Opening up about his journey with drinking, Charles also shared: “But I’ve come out so much calmer, in the last, say two or three months, I suddenly noticed this huge change. I used to drink too much; I haven’t touched a drop since January just because I don’t want to.” 

Therapist Julia responded: “You’re not looking for an anesthetic against the rage,” to which Charles agreed: “Well that’s what it was of course, it was an anesthetic.” 

The poignant memoir of the father-of-seven delves into his experiences of both physical and sexual abuse during his time at Maidwell Hall Prep School, spanning from the ages of eight to 13.

In another part of the podcast interview, the author mentions that his eldest son and presumed heir, Louis Spencer, had to cease reading the memoir as it also triggered nightmares for him.

Charles further discloses that his past encounters have made him particularly vigilant when it comes to his youngest daughter, Charlotte Diana, whom he shares with his third wife, Karen.

The doting dad commented: “I have an 11-year-old, I have many children, and my youngest one I do the school run with her in the morning and it’s a hoot, she’s really funny and fun. 

“She’s quite bored of me asking, ‘Are there any strange teachers at school?’ She sort of rolls her eyes and says, ‘For goodness’ sake, we’ve been through this,’ but I will always be on guard.” 

Charles currently serves as the historian of the Spencer estate, where his sister was laid to rest. Earlier this month, the 59-year-old shared a scenic video capturing the ornamental lake that encompasses Princess Diana’s serene gravesite.

The majestic Oval Lake appeared stunning under the spring sunshine, with sunlight casting gentle ripples across the water. Impeccably trimmed grass embraced the water’s edge, while a symphony of birdsong broke the tranquil silence.

“Such a beautiful morning at @althorphouse today – birdsong providing the melody, accompanied by woodpeckers,” Charles captioned the video. In another courageous interview preceding the release of his book, the Earl disclosed one of Princess Diana’s greatest fears.

Charles revealed how his late sister cared for him after their mother departed the family home, highlighting one of her significant fears – the dark.

Charles said: “Diana looked after me because she was nearly three years older than me.” She said that the worst part was hearing me cry down the hall because she was terrified of the dark and couldn’t come to me.”

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