Father who fled DUI scene where 2-year-old son drowned pleads GUILTY to manslaughter


A Vermont man pleaded guilty to manslaughter and other charges related to the death of his 2-year-old son, who he had lost in a brook while attempting to flee a car crash on foot.

Darel A. Galorenzo, 35, pleaded guilty to manslaughter, conspiracy to violate drug law, operating under the influence of liquor over .08 and operating under the influence, while endangering a child, according to a Berkshire District Attorney’s Office news release.

His Sentencing

During his sentencing, it was determined that Galorenzo would serve between 9-15 years in prison for the manslaughter charge, which was ‘three times’ the state sentencing guidelines.

It was in line with what the District Attorney’s office had requested. He also received 2.5 years in prison for both operating under the influence charges. 

District Attorney Timothy J. Shugrue described the case as ‘one of the most tragic’ ones he had seen in his ‘almost 40 years of practicing law.’

‘It gave me no pleasure to appear in court today to settle this horrific case,’ Shugrue said in a statement in the news release.

How The Child Drowned on a Cold Night

‘I will spare the public of the traumatic details of the incidents that led to a two-year-old child’s death which included first surviving a car crash then ultimately drowning on a cold, dark night in a river rushing with melting snow.’

Are Children The Most Vulnerable Members in Our Community?

‘During my term as District Attorney, I have stated multiple times that children are the most vulnerable members in our community,’ he continued.

‘They deserve our protection. Mr. Galorenzo, the child’s father, failed at this cardinal task. He put himself and his needs over the safety of his child.’

The Day of the Accident

On Apr. 8, 2023, Massachusetts State Police said troopers responded to a car crash on Middle Road in Clarksburg, about 137 miles west of Boston.

They had learned on the scene that Galorenzo had a toddler with him in his car, and he had attempted to flee the scene after the crash with the child on foot through a brook, but lost the toddler.

‘While attempting to wade through the swift current and frigid water, Galorenzo more than likely fell and lost his grip on the child,’ a police report cited by NBC Boston said at the time.

How The Child Was Found

Troopers and Firefighters searched Hudson Brook for the child before finally locating him around 2:20 a.m. local time in the water.

The toddler was recovered from the brook and ’emergency first-aid’ was administered to the child. However, the child was eventually pronounced dead.

Galorenzo was taken to Berkshire Medical Center for evaluation, and it was determined that he had been intoxicated during the incident.

Shugrue ‘commended’ the court in his statement for their stringent sentencing and his staff and law enforcement for bringing ‘this case to justice.’

He also honored Massachusetts State Police Officer, Ryan Costello, who had ‘heroically put his own life at risk’ while attempting to rescue the child from the river. 

‘I am certain that every person who dedicated themselves to this case will be haunted by it for the remainder of their lives,’ he added.

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