Kate And William Released A Behind-The-Scenes Video Of Their St. Patrick’s Day Rehearsal Amidst The Princess’s Recuperation


On St. Patrick’s Day, Prince William and Princess Kate conveyed warm regards alongside a glimpse behind the scenes of the Irish Guards’ preparations for their annual parade. The royal duo utilized social media to share their message, stating, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Here’s a sneak peek of the Irish Guards rehearsing for their annual parade. Sláinte to all those celebrating today!” This gesture provided a unique perspective into the dedication and precision of the British soldiers as they prepared for the festivities.

This year’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade at Mons Barracks in Aldershot, Hampshire, however, marked a notable change as the Princess of Wales was conspicuously absent for the first time in seven years.

Watch via this link: https://cdn.jwplayer.com/previews/z9vps0RI

Despite her esteemed role as the honorary Colonel of the Irish Guards, which she was bestowed with last year, Princess Kate had to withdraw from the public eye due to her ongoing recovery from recent abdominal surgery. This decision broke a tradition spanning nearly a decade of her participation in the parade, with the exception of 2016.

Nevertheless, her absence didn’t go unnoticed, as she was still celebrated in spirit at the event. According to PEOPLE, the Irish Guards planned to cheer for the princess, ensuring her contributions and support were acknowledged, even in her absence.

Amid speculation and various conspiracy theories regarding Princess Kate’s health following her surgery, reports have emerged indicating that she has been spotted at her children’s school. This suggests her active involvement in their daily lives despite her ongoing recovery.

St Patrick’s Day 2014

“Kate has been at Lambrook to support the children,” stated a report in The Times, underscoring her commitment to her family’s well-being. Additionally, Prince William was reported to have attended Princess Charlotte’s football match, showcasing the family’s effort to maintain a semblance of normalcy.

As the Princess of Wales temporarily steps away from her royal responsibilities, her primary focus remains the well-being of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. The family is committed to maintaining a sense of normalcy in their home life, with Princess Kate actively involved in their daily routines despite her ongoing recovery.

Roya Nikkhah, Royal Editor for The Sunday Times, highlighted this dedication, noting, “After school, it is just the five of them at home, with Kate, rather than a cook or housekeeper, usually preparing dinner.”

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