Kind-hearted woman cares for sick ‘baby hedgehog’ overnight only to find out it’s REALLY something else


A gracious woman carefully nursed a stricken ‘baby hedgehog’ overnight only to find out it was something else when she rushed it to an animal hospital.

The Gist

The woman believed to be animal lover thought what she found was an injured creature on the pavement and spent a whole night looking after it.

She took the motionless mammal to animal hospital in Cheshire the following morning as she kindly put it in a box meticulously lined with newspaper and even placed a small dish of food next to it, as she remained by its bedside.

The Discovery

But when hospital manager Janet Kotze opened the box, she realised the ‘hedgehog’ actually belonged on a woolly hat.

Ms Kotze said ‘couldn’t believe what she was seeing’ when she made the discovery.

The hospital manager said: ‘It was the first admission of the day. The lady came in with a box, she said she had found this baby hedgehog on the pavement and it was cold and she picked it up.

‘I was alarmed as it’s very early for baby hedgehogs.

‘I opened the box and, well, I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. I thought “it’s definitely not a hedgehog, perhaps it’s some other kind of a fluffy creature”.

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‘I realised it wasn’t animated at all and I picked it up and obviously with the weight I could feel that it wasn’t a hedgehog or any animal at all.


The Manager Has Sweet Words For the Animal Lover

‘She was very sweet, bless her, her heart was in the right place. 

‘She took the box from me and left quite quickly.

‘I found it funny afterwards but I couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing because to me a hedgehog is obviously a hedgehog.’

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