King Charles Had The Ability To Journey By Carriage During Trooping The Colour


Despite undergoing cancer treatment, King Charles is determined to participate in Trooping the Colour, his annual birthday parade, which occurs on 15 June in London.

While he has postponed many public engagements, he continues with his daily duties, including attending small audiences at Buckingham Palace and managing his red boxes. Traditionally, the sovereign rides on horseback during the procession, as King Charles did last summer for his first Trooping the Colour of his reign.

However, due to his ongoing treatment, aides are exploring alternatives for his participation. One possibility is for the King to observe the military spectacle from a podium and be transported from Buckingham Palace in a carriage, reminiscent of how his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, used to participate until 1987 when she would ride on horseback down The Mall.

Queen Elizabeth II travelled by carriage in the latter years of her reign

It’s certainly concerning to hear about the King’s cancer diagnosis, although the specific type hasn’t been disclosed. The fact that it was discovered while he was being treated for an enlarged prostate adds complexity to the situation. Privacy regarding medical matters, especially for figures of royal stature, is understandable, but it’s natural for the public to be concerned about the health of their monarch.

Regarding the Princess of Wales and the Trooping the Colour event, it appears there was some confusion or miscommunication regarding protocol. It’s important for such announcements to be coordinated properly, especially when it involves members of the royal family.

Maintaining proper channels of communication and protocol is crucial for the smooth functioning of royal engagements and events.

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