Man’s THUMB bitten off by a female delivery driver over pizza . He lost his job and partner as a result


A man had his life rolling out well at a given pace until he’s faced with a flesh-eater who capsized his world.

Over a £57 Pizza Express order, Stephen Jenkinson had his thumb down to the knuckle ‘rolled on the floor’ by a Deliveroo rider.

The blazing row he had with Jeniffer Rocha, 35, made him jobless and caused him to split from his partner.

Here’s The Gist

Mr Jenkinson ordered pizza from Deliveroo to his home on December 14, 2022 but Rocha arrived to the wrong address further down his street.

When he went out to collect his food the father-of-one forgot to bring his phone and a brief argument erupted regarding the delivery code he was required to show.

It was then that Rocha launched her attack, Mr Jenkinson told the BBC. He raised her hands to Rocha’s motorcycle helmet and she bit his thumb.

‘I ran out the house without my phone and when she asked for the code, I said I’ll take the pizzas and come back with it, but she was having none of it.

‘She immediately went for me, punching and kicking me, but I didn’t want to hit a woman so I just pushed her, that’s when my thumb ended up in her mouth and she just clamped down until it came off.’

The Injury Leaves a Lasting Impact

Stephen, 36, explaining his ordeal after the freak attack: ‘My whole life has changed because of this.

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‘I’ve had to move out my house and I’ve separated from my partner because of the pressure this has put on us – not only from a financial point of view but also from a life point of view, he said on Good Morning Britain today.

‘Our relationship just broke down and I don’t blame either of us for that – it is just unfortunate how everything just spiralled.’ 

Mr Jenkinson was rushed to hospital after the bloody attack where he underwent an 11 hour operation.

What Will Happen to the Delivery Driver?

The procedure saw doctors remove part of his big toe and surgically sew it on to the stump of his missing thumb.

As it is, Jennifer Rocha faces prison, according to Judge Timothy Mousley KC. ‘It was a serious offence which may well result in you being sent to prison’.

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