Murray The Magician ‘suspended from magic castle’ AFTER revealing tricks


Murray The Magician is walking the plank — the magic world’s version, anyway, as the famed Magic Castle suspends him for breaking a longstanding rule about revealing how to do tricks, but he says that rule’s gotta change.

Here is The Deal

Murray filmed a fun video he shared online, doing a bunch of different magic tricks for the camera only to have his sexy sidekick — his wife, Dani — burst his bubble and reveal the secret behind each trick.

Murray’s video racked up more than 50 million views on Facebook, and now Hollywood’s most famous and exclusive magic club, The Magic Castle, has suspended him.

The Academy of Magical Arts, the group that runs The Magic Castle, told Murray he’s suspended pending an investigation into complaints he violated their rules by exposing magic online.

Details of His Suspension

In the letter, obtained by EmmanuelsBlog, the AMA tells Murray he’s no longer allowed to even enter the Magic Castle, where he’s been a member for decades and frequently performs.

Why He Did What He Did

Murray alleges that the magic community needs to update these outdated rules because it’s 2024, and folks can go on the internet and learn magic tricks on their own.

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Basically, Murray’s calling out the AMA for guarding an empty safe by punishing magicians who pull back the curtain.

What’s His Argument

As he says, it’s not like he was sharing details behind David Copperfield or Criss Angel’s famous tricks, because everything in his viral video is available on Amazon for anyone to purchase and use.

Murray says the real issue here is his fame as he says the video wouldn’t be a problem if he was a birthday magician in Barstow, but because his video is racking up a bunch of views, suddenly the AMA has beef.

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