Rude and difficult: Fans SLAM Lorraine Kelly interview with Norah Jones as they found it tough to watch


Lorraine Kelly fans have branded her interview with Norah Jones as ‘awkward’ and ‘cringe’.

On Thursday, the TV presenter, 64, had the noughties music star 44, as a guest on her ITV show to discuss the release of her ninth studio album, Visions.

However, the interview failed to impress viewers, who found it very tough to watch.

How The Interview Went

Many commented that Norah was giving very short answers to Lorraine’s questions and didn’t seem willing to open up without a lot of prompting.

The host then asked about Norah’s upcoming tour and if she would be taking her two children, aged nine and seven, with her, or keeping work and family separate.

Norah responded: ‘No I do both, I try to do a lot in the summer so they can come out more.’

Lorraine then brought up her songs being used in movies, pointing to her song with Danger Mouse, Black, being used in hit show Breaking Bad.

Lorraine asked: ‘When you’re watching something and your song comes on, it must be fantastic?’ 

Norah – whose hits include Don’t Know Why and Come Away with Me – replied: ‘Well you usually know, because you have to give approval, but yeah it was cool.’

Short Answers Here and There

After the first topic of conversation between the pair briefly centred on the colour of the album’s vinyl’s, Lorraine then asked the performer if she was excited about the album being out.

‘I am. Making music is fun,’ she responded, going on to give brief answers to the rest of the questions.

Viewers Slam Norah as Rude

Viewers watching at home took to social media to slam Norah as ‘rude and difficult to interview’, while expressing pity for Lorraine for trying to keep the chat going.

One person wrote: ‘Poor #Lorraine. That was a tough interview with Norah Jones and her 2 word answers! Seems a bit up herself.’

While another echoed: ‘Don’t think Norah wants to be there’ and a third added: ‘Totally agree, Lorraine usually so skilled is making it seem hard work.’

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