Rude and Entitled: Millie Bobby Brown is SLAMMED after revealing how she treats waiting staff in restaurants


Actress Millie Bobby Brown has said what made people turned on her in latest outburst after revealing her dark side.

During her astonishing outburst in her interview for the Table Manners podcast by hosts Jessie and Lennie Ware., 20-year-old Millie calls herself a ‘Karen’ – a label typically reserved for middle-class women who demands to see the manager – for having such high standards when it comes to hospitality.

What She Said About Waiters

She said she ‘hates’ having to wait for food to arrive when she is dining at restaurants, she also slammed waiting staff for ordering drinks and meals separately and for not taking payment at the same time as giving her the bill.

Millie said: ‘You know what I hate, waiting a really long time to order.

‘I’ve already looked at the menu in the car on the way here and when they’re like, “We’ll just get your drinks orders and then come back”, I’m like “No, no, no, stand here, let’s just take the whole thing. It will make your life easier.”

‘And then waiting for the bill, you know when they put it down on the table but then come back half an hour later?’I’m like, “Let me give you my card just right now and I must go on a walk to walk this food off”.’

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Her words didn’t sit down well with viewers/her fans and they have since vent on her what they actually feel and think about the Stranger actress.

One of the commenters under the podcast describe her as ‘rude’ and ‘entitled’ for treating waiting staff with ‘such disrespect’.

Fans React

Another comment said: ‘Everyone you complain about is underpaid, and you’re not, nor have you ever struggled.’

‘Tell me you’ve never worked in hospitality, without actually telling me you never worked in hospitality.’

‘Waiters stall with drinks so the kitchen doesn’t get swamped and they don’t get yelled at by chefs.’

During the podcast, Millie said that she leaves reviews of restaurants and hotels, saying that she thinks it’s ‘really important’.

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