Is Fern Britton set to LEAVE the house? Housemates worry after she gathers her fellow housemates for candid chat


Celebrity Big Brother housemates fear Fern Britton is leaving as she gathers them around for a candid chat in scenes set to air on Tuesday’s episode.

The presenter, 66, was seen emotional on Monday and even headed to bed early in a move that raise concerns among housemates.

Fern didn’t let Monday end without raising some eyebrows when she planted a snake in Louis Walsh‘s bed. 

How it Happened

While Big Brother told Fern the snake would mean Louis would be put up from eviction (not knowing she was being played), but it was on the contrary as the move actually earned him a straight pass into the grand final. 

And with 71-year-old Louis on a mission to find out which ‘snake’ planted the snake in his bed, Fern heads to the Diary Room to talk with Big Brother. 

Fern says, ‘I don’t like keeping it a secret and I’d like to tell them it’s me and this is how it unfolded and I’m sorry.’

Big Brother then suggests Fern gathers the Housemates and gets it off her chest as she struggles to deal with the burden. 

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How She Got The Housemates Worry For Her Exit

As the star asks her fellow Housemates to gather at the sofas, they fear the worst and suspect she may have decided to leave. 

Louis asks, ‘What’s going on?’ as Marisha says, ‘Something’s happening.’

When Fern asks Zeze to come to the sofas, Zeze exclaims, ‘Oh no, you’re going aren’t you?’

She Revealed Herself as The Snake

With the celebrities all gathered, she put their minds at rest as she got her snakey secret off her chest. 

She began: ‘Big Brother has permitted me to gather you together,’ before looking at Louis and revealing: ‘I was given the task of the snake on your pillow.’

But how will the former X Factor judge react to Fern’s admission? Will he forgive her for attempting to have him evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house?

Meanwhile, tensions have run high between Louis and Fern after the TV judge commented on her appearance in a previous episode.

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