So who IS the Hollywood star that berated Rebecca Ferguson? Fans driving wild with speculation


Rebecca Ferguson has driven fans wild with speculation as to which actor allegedly shouted at her while they were working together on set.

The actress, 40, said there is one ‘absolute idiot of a co-star’ she will never work with again after how they treated her on the set of a previous film.

She Made Some Clarifications

She clarified she was not talking about Hugh Jackman or Tom Cruise , who she acted alongside in The Greatest Showman and Mission Impossible. 

Her former co-stars Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt have also both ruled themselves out.

Who Could The Actor Be?

Speculation has now risen around Ewan McGregor, who she worked with in Doctor Sleep (2019), Jake Gyllenhaal, who she starred alongside in Life (2017), Michael Fassbender who she starred with in The Snowman (2017) and Hugh Grant who she worked with on Florence Foster Jenkins (2016). 

The actress, 40, (pictured in The Snowman, 2017)

Fans Speculation

Taking to X/Twitter, fans have been eagerly giving their theories as to which ex co-star Rebecca was talking about.

Some believed it was Ewan, writing: ‘I am pretty sure the actor that insulted and belitted Rebeca Ferguson was Ewan McGregor.’

Another wrote: ‘I think I figured out who yelled at Rebecca Ferguson. I really hate it to be him but Ewan McGregor. A couple months ago an “insider” accused Rebecca Ferguson of treating the Doctor Sleep cast and crw horribly. You can just tell it was a hit piece right before Dune 2.’

A third added: ‘You guys are forgetting the most obvious one. Obi Wan himself aka Ewan McGregor, was Rebecca Ferguson’s co-star in Doctor Sleep.’

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Fans Are Wondering

Others focused on Hugh Grant, with some writing: ‘My money in the who offended Rebecca Ferguson sweepstakes is on Hugh Grant.’

Another wrote: ‘People going down a spiral trying to figure out who yelled at Rebecca Frguson on set once when Hugh Grant is literally right there.’

One fan added: ‘Hugh Grant is known for being a bit testy and getting angry on set so I wonder if that’s who Rebecca Ferguson was talking about.’

Another penned: ‘We need to know who did this to Rebecca Ferguson. After a quick Goggle the votes are high on Hugh Grant.’ 

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