Spencer Matthews gives Vogue Williams ‘the ick’ during sex. REVEALS WHY


Spencer Matthews has revealed his wife Vogue Williams finds his hair ‘icky’ when they have sex.

How long have Spencer and Vogue been together for?

The former Made In Chelsea star, 35, has been married to TV personality Vogue, 38, since 2018 and they are parents to Theodore, five, Gigi, three, and Otto, 19 months.

Spencer in a new revelation told how Vogue is not a fan of his moustache and sometimes his hair in general gets in the way when they’re intimate.

Although the businessman acknowledged his wife would rather he kept their sex life ‘private’, he did divulge one detail.

Why ‘the ick’ During Sex

He said: ‘I flicked my hair apparently, during sex, because it was probably in my eyes.

‘That’s something that when she does it is sexy and fine, but apparently it was grotesque and icky.’

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On their podcast, Vogue has been critical of Spencer’s hair, calling his man bun ‘disgusting’ and saying his moustache makes him look like a ‘creep’. 

However, Spencer insisted despite the couple’s on-air bickering, their love is still going strong.

They Plan More Kids

He said: ‘For the avoidance of doubt, my wife and I love each other very much. Part of the humour is for me to build myself up and her to rip me down. In real life I’m slightly more modest than I am on that show.’

Spencer and Vogue have both openly said they would like more kids, but he has said there are no immediate plans yet.

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