Stacey Solomon slams lazy husband on ‘a LIVE show’ while viewers can’t agree less


Stacey Solomon was left frustrated and got furious to slam a husband’s lazy behaviour during Tuesday’s episode of Sort Your Life Out.

In the latest edition of the BBC show, the presenter was tasked with helping a family in Scotland manage the vast clutter that had built up in their home while they raised three children.

What Happened?

The mum, Charlie, explained that her husband Keith was the one tasked with household affairs and their three children while she works full-time.

Charlie had just welcome their third child, so took some weeks off, leaving Keith to look after their three children.

However, it soon became clear that Keith didn’t do a great work as the house had become overwhelmed with toys, clutter and clothes.

As Stacey and her team paid a visit to Keith, Stacey quickly became concerned about the environment the family were growing up in.

‘I’m Nervous’

As Stacey and her team made their way through the house she told viewers: ‘We have opened the loft, we have opened the three sheds, and every single room in the house is full. I don’t know if we’re promising too much. I am genuinely scared for this one, I’m nervous.’

While emptying the house, the team found 131 pairs of shoes, 29 tins of paint, 30 remote controls, 22 toothbrushes, and 500 items of baby clothes. 

Alongside that, Keith had a collection of 144 T-shirts, and when Stacey asked him if he wanted to know what she thought, he replied: ‘Not really.’

Stacey Was Irked

Stacey appeared irked by the comment, and she said: ‘I think that if we go to between 12 and 15 that is more than enough t-shirts.’ 

Stacey struggled to hide her disgust, saying: ‘Come on Keith, you’re better than that.’

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Keith then shared with viewers that he was forced to declared bankruptcy after losing his job during the recession, and now invests his money in collectible coins, hoping that the silver content will appreciate in value over time.

Stacey’s co-host Dilly was later forced to step in as Keith tried to stop the team from throwing away the children’s clothes.

She firmly told him: ‘Keith, remember, you’re returning to work next week, and you won’t have time to sort clothes every night after work. 

‘This is your chance to adjust your habits and realize that having fewer clothes per child makes it easier to locate items.’

Viewers React

Viewers quickly shared their thoughts on Keith, with one furiously branding him ‘bone idle.’

‘Keith is really testing even Stacey’s patience #sortyourlifeout; Stacey is ready to swing for him;’

‘He’s clearly trying his best but he could try harder. So she works 5 jobs, returning 12 weeks after giving birth… and he sits at home amongst all that s*** most of which is his.’

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