A man received the beating of his life AFTER he was seen punching a woman on the street in New York


Flurry of random attacks landed on a ‘disgraced’ and ’helpless’ man after he was seen punching a woman in a seemingly random attack.

What Happened?

Within seconds of him hitting the woman, group of complete strangers descended on the man leaving him unconscious on the pavement … and the highlight of the night really happened when the crowd dispersed into the night – as if nothing ever happened.

How it all Started

The man hurled one of two punches at the unsuspecting woman, as she was readying to move away as the first punch hit her in the back of the head.

At this point, several others on the street ‘spot on’ what’s happening as some take out their phones while others call for help.

The woman continues to move away as the assailant advances, now cornering her against a Duane Reade.

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How it Ended

He then throws another blow again at full-force, but within a second, people gathered to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Two men from opposite ends of the frame suddenly appear and offer punches of their own, both of which land at the exact same time.

The aggressor falls to the floor in a dazed state, but the battle does not end there.

A viscous beating administered by the two men and at least five others who at this point have joined in ensues, complete with a series of punches and stomps.

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