Boy, 7, CONFESSES to shooting dead a 32-year-old man in his sleep – cops reveal why he WON’T face charges


A boy, who is now 10, has confessed to shooting a 32-year-old stranger to death while he was sleeping in a Texas trailer park in 2022 when he was just seven years old. 

The child whose name is undisclosed was ‘sold out’ this month after his school principal reported him to the police for allegedly threatening to ‘assault and kill another student on a bus’. 

He Made the Revelation During Police Interview

When police interviewed the principal they told them the ‘child made a statement that he shot and killed a man two years ago.’

The boy was then taken to a child advocacy center where he was interviewed by deputies and revealed firsthand knowledge of 32-year-old Brandon O’Quinn Rasberry.

The Confession

He told officers that he was staying at the RV park with his grandfather when he took a 9mm pistol from the glove compartment of his grandfather’s truck, entered Rasberry’s RV and shot him in the head while he was asleep.

He then shot the sofa in his RV and returned the gun to the glove compartment. 

He said that he didn’t know Rasberry, but had seen him walking through the park earlier that day, and said he had no reason to dislike him.

Rasberry was found dead at the Lazy J RV Park on January 18 2022, in Nixon.

Why He Won’t Face Murder Charge

The boy will not face murder charges due to his age, but was taken to a psychiatric facility for evaluation and treatment.

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Victim Impact Statement

Rasberry’s father Kenneth told KSAT: ‘He’s forgiven. And he can still be saved. He’s so young. He’s definitely tormented by something.

Rasberry was found dead in his RV with a single bullet wound to his head with the cause of death listed as homicide. 

The Confession Helped Police

For over two years, police struggled to find a suspect and his family were forced to launch their own investigation, writing: ‘We will leave no stone unturned in our search for the truth about what happened to you, Brandon Rasberry.’

He had moved into the park just days before his death and was working at the Holmes Food in Nixon – his body was found after he didn’t appear at work for two days.

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