Coleen Nolan Hints At A Possible Engagement With Boyfriend Michael Jones, Confessing To Being “Obsessed” With Browsing Diamond Rings

Coleen Nolan Hints At A Possible Engagement With Boyfriend Michael Jones, Confessing To Being

Coleen Nolan has openly admitted her “obsession” with perusing jewellery stores for diamond rings. The Loose Women star dropped hints about a possible third marriage as she admired stacks of exquisite rings.

Currently in a happy relationship with boyfriend Michael Jones, whom she met on the dating app Tinder in 2021, Coleen and Michael have overcome initial challenges, including multiple breakups, and are now enjoying a stronger bond than ever, having recently moved in together.

It seems Coleen may be contemplating a future with Michael, as she made a stop at a jeweller’s after wrapping up work at ITV. Sharing a glimpse into her post-Loose Women routine on Instagram, Coleen visited the Westfield shopping centre, recalling a previous incident where she got lost and needed a satnav to find her way out.

Her shopping trip began at a homeware store, where she explored the kitchen section, excitedly planning to replace her old pots and pans. Joking about the transition to living with a partner, Coleen eyed some pink-colored pans, humorously acknowledging the shift towards a more male-oriented household.

Next, Coleen ventured into the jeweller’s, inviting her followers along as she admired the rings on display. While she emphasized she wasn’t hinting at an imminent engagement or marriage, she couldn’t resist the allure of the diamond rings, albeit acknowledging their hefty price tags. Playfully stating she wasn’t going inside the store, Coleen cheekily made her way in.

Fans reacted to her playful hints about marriage, with some jokingly asking if her sisters needed to prepare for a wedding and others imagining Michael’s reaction as she ogled the diamonds. Amidst the playful banter, many shared their own affinity for ring-shopping, expressing the desire for more fingers to adorn with sparklers.

Earlier this year Coleen revealed how she is living with boyfriend Michael as well as her ex-husband Ray Fensome. Her ex played guitar for her on her recent tour.

Speaking to Women magazine, Coleen said: “While we’ve been rehearsing, Ray’s been staying here because he lives in Leeds and we’re rehearsing near me. It’s so nice to go through everything we went through.” The singer went on to say that her boyfriend gets on well with Ray and they actually went out for dinner and were “crying with laughter”.

Despite eying up rings, Coleen has insisted she has ruled out marrying Michael – unless he signs a pre-nuptial agreement. 

She explained during a recent podcast: “I think Michael would very much like to get married at some point. If it meant a lot to him, maybe I would, but I’d bloody make him sign a great big piece of paper before I did, because I’m not going through that again. I’ve looked into it. 100 per cent. It’s sorted from there and it’s a reference point; no-one thinks they’re going to split up.”

Coleen added: “I’ve always been against prenups, because I find them really unromantic and very much like you’re going into it going: ‘Well, it probably won’t work, so sign this.'”

She told podcast host Kaye Adams that her 2018 divorce from Ray had made her wary. She said: “Hopefully it will work and we’ll never have to look at that piece of paper again, but what I went through on my last divorce I don’t ever want to go through again. Even though I didn’t hate Ray, there were times when I was going: ‘Oh my God, this is so unfair.'”

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