Father of four-year-old girl who was one of five migrants who died in Channel boat tragedy is ARRESTED


The father of the four-year-old girl who died trying to cross the channel to Britain in a small boat with four others has been arrested on ground of human trafficking.

He Collapsed in Tears

The father, who was also on the overloaded boat, collapsed in tears after he was rescued from the sea and brought back to shore by the French Coast Guard this morning.

The girl and other four ended their life was in the sea after the boat’s engine stopped a few hundred metres off the French coast and dozens of people fell into the sea.

Number of Survivors

The unnamed father has since been arrested on ground of human trafficking, together some 47 survivors.

Another 57 refused to leave the boat and were escorted towards Britain by the French navy where they are all being held in detention in Calais by PAF – the French Border Police.

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A refugee on the boat reveals how the father reacted to the death of his girl as he was looking a her drowned: ‘We knew the little girl well,’ he said.

‘But now, everything is ruined. Her father fell into our arms right away.

‘He was crying in a daze.

‘He saw his little daughter die before his eyes.’

Investigation Continues

Criminal investigation into the manslaughter of the five victims of small boat tragedy has been launched including one of of people smuggling and assisting illegal immigration.

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