Geri Halliwell Makes Her First Public Appearance Since Her Husband Christian Horner’s Red Bull Scandal At Victoria Beckham’s Star-Studded 50th Birthday Celebration

Gerri Halliwell Makes Her First Public Appearance Since Her Husband Christian Horner's Red Bull Scandal At Victoria Beckham's Star-Studded 50th Birthday Celebration

Reportedly, former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and her husband, F1 boss Christian Horner, are contemplating a personal TV documentary, influenced by Victoria and David Beckham’s candid series.

The couple, featured in Netflix’s Formula One series “Drive to Survive,” have purportedly been approached by a production company affiliated with Netflix.

into Geri and Christian’s personal lives, similar to the Beckham documentary that delved into the pressures on their marriage.

“Geri loved the Beckham documentary, and it was so positively received that it is easy to see why a similar show might appeal to Geri and Christian now,” said a source close to the negotiations.

This potential endeavor arises following Horner’s recent controversy involving sexting and the subsequent internal investigation, which exonerated him of any misconduct towards a female colleague.

A source told The Mirror, “The idea that has been pitched is a really personal documentary, capturing Geri and Christian at home.” They added, “Following the recent speculation about their relationship, there would be a huge amount of interest in seeing them together away from the race track and how they interact with their friends and family.”

The documentary about the Beckhams, showcasing intimate moments at home, garnered praise for unveiling a new facet of the couple. According to the source, Geri admired the Beckham documentary and viewed its favorable reception as a potential reason why a similar show might interest her and Christian.

The potential documentary featuring Horner and Halliwell might ignite a competitive bidding process among companies, given the considerable interest from viewers. Nonetheless, no confirmation has been made regarding the project’s progression.

Horner, refuting the accusations leveled against him, has encountered a turbulent phase, with his accuser contesting the verdict. Despite the hurdles, Geri and Christian have endeavored to present a unified front, attending F1 events together.

If realized, the proposed documentary could provide fans with an in-depth insight into their relationship and personal experiences, echoing the impact of the Beckhams’ documentary.

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