Girl, 5, ROARS like a lion – she reveals the secret to perfecting her unique talent


A toddler who managed to perfect a lion’s roar has left people stunned as she shows off her unusual skill.

TikTok viewers couldn’t believe their ears when 5-year-old Riley Scott effortlessly mimicked the larger-than-life sound in a video shared by her mother who is a parenting influencer.

Amy Scott, who often shares updates with her followers about family life, showed off Riley’s unusual skill in a clip on the video platform.

Just as the mother-of-two encouraged Riley to give it a try for the camera, a deep sound tumbled out of the toddler, who at the time appeared to let out the noise without any effort at all. 

Her sharp roar left viewers ‘wowed’. However, some suggested the clip might have been edited.

How it Started?

Preceding the uncanny action, Amy said: ‘Ri[ley] do you know that so many people loved your lion noise yesterday? 

‘They thought that your lion noise was really good. Everyone thought it sounded so real’.

Eager to prove the authenticity of her talent, Riley replied confidently: ‘It is real’, then she let out the ‘roar.’

The toddler has since explained how she came to nurture her talent as well as how she was able deliver the sound.

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How She Made the Lion Sound

‘I practice you know… when I was little I would say “roar, roar” and then I would say…,’ she said.

She then let out a second roar – and this time she added a claw-like hand movement to really get into character. 

Responding to her mum’s question about how she was physically able to roar like a wild cat, the articulate toddler explained: ‘We [I] may get some air’.

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