Ioan Gruffudd’s fiancée Bianca Wallace ATTACKS husband ex Alice Evans over ‘bullies and abuses’


Bianca Wallace is ‘taking on’ love rival Alice Evans like never before as she accuses her of ‘stalking, harassing and abusing’ her and fiancé Ioan Gruffudd

How Did They Get Here?

Gruffudd, 50, and Evans, 55, split in March 2021, and since then they have been locked in a very public legal battle, resulting in slanging matches that threatened to overshadow their respective careers. 

31-year-old Bianca who claims she’s suffered enough abuse from Evans and her fans explains how she’s now forced to spill what has been happening ‘behind-the-scenes’ as she feels it’s her duty to ‘shine a light on bullies and abuse.’ 

She by this time butressed and seconded Gruffudd’s claims that Evans had set up fake social media accounts with the purpose of harrassing them despite a restraining order banned her from mentioning him on social media. 

Gruffudd and Bianca

Bianca’s Outburst

‘I want to say thank you so much for the love and support I have received,’ she started.

‘I believe the time has come to shine a light on bullies and abuse because they only hold power when hidden in the darkness.

‘Bullies and people who harass others want us to believe that we are alone, but we are not. Bullying thrives in the darkness. It makes people afraid to do anything lest it get worse.

‘Although some of what I have mentioned happened over the last few years, I want to be very clear – The harassment and abuse has not ceased. It has continued unabated and is being directed far more broadly than just us.’

Did Evans Break the 3 Years Restraining Order?

Wallace also revealed thatt Evans had breached a three-year restraining order put out against her in August 2022. 


She continued: ‘On 13 November 2023 at 10:56am LA time, I received an email from the detective informing that the current investigations did find this persons phone number linked to at least one of the fake accounts being used to stalk, harass, and post defamatory claims.

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‘I want to stress that people who do this need to be held accountable for their actions, and as I have mentioned, I won’t allow anyone to bully or abuse me ever again.

She continued in her post: ‘If you so wish to view the supporting evidence mentioned in my previous post, most of it, minus what is currently ongoing, is already publicly available. 

Bianca Drops Evidence of Her Claims

Wallace went on to share the links to Gruffudd’s court filings for the Domestic Violence Restraining Order as well as the actor’s filings for joint custody with Evans of their daughters Ella, 14, and Elsie, 10. 

‘I found the following links containing the information on Google and there is a lot more publicly available information.’ 

Also, she took her time to share a link to 4512 pages worth of social media posts in which Evans had mentioned her or Gruffudd.

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