Family fraud: Mother STOLE £50,000 inheritance left to her two daughters by their grandmother in just one year


A mother who stole £50,000 inheritance left for her two daughters in a will by their late grandmother has bitten more than she can chew in a matter that has turned to war between mother and her two children … and with the family.

In just one year, Katherine Hill, 53, and her father Gerald Hill, 93, who is her accomplice committed the fraud and spent every penny the two sisters inherited – without their permission.

Details of the Fraud

The girls’ beloved grandmother Margaret Hill left the inheritance for them on the proviso that Gemma and Jessica Thomas could access it when they turned 25.

Apparently, the sisters’ mother Katherine and their grandfather Gerald were trustees of the account. Only if grandmother had known that the two trustees will do to the inheritance what dogs would do to bones’, she would have developed a more secure system.

Oh! The sisters’ grandmother Margaret Hill died in 2013 and placed the money for her grandchildren in a trust managed in part by their mother.

Now the daughters lost their inheritance money, also, the efforts of their beloved grandma has gone down the drain … just like that.

Court heard Katherine Hill later placed the money into an Barclays Everyday Saver account despite being advised not to – which allowed instant access.

They Had Cards for the Account

Meanwhile, Katherine and Gerald Hill both had cards for the account and within 12 months of it being opened most of the £50,000 had been withdrawn through cash withdrawals.

What Raised Suspicion

The alleged fraud was only realised in 2018 when one of the girls asked for her money early so she could buy a house with her boyfriend.

Gerald Hill in his defense statements said to police he had been posting the money through the letterbox of his granddaughters’ home because they were ‘harassing’ their mother for money. 

The transactions included one for £15,000 and others for £10,000 – along with a single bank transfer of £2,300 directly into Katherine Hill’s account.

She claims that transaction was used to pay for the family’s boxer dog operation which Jessica had agreed to.

She told police that card payments made at New Look and Primark were for shopping trips on behalf of her daughters.

She said: ‘It was for their benefit – I didn’t think I was doing anything wrong.’

After the alarm was raised in 2018, solicitors began a civil investigation into the fund and the police were called in.

Police Intervenes

Christopher Thomas – Katherine Hill’s ex-husband and Jessica and Gemma’s father – reported the alleged fraud to the police.

Katherine Hill told police she had known nothing about the large withdrawals of cash until her father told her he had been putting it in envelopes and posting it where his granddaughters lived.

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The court heard that Katherine Hill’s relationship with her daughters became difficult after the divorce from her ex-husband and she suffered with her health and mental health.

She said Jessica and Gemma were living a lavish lifestyle with her ex-partner and claims that they no longer would eat at McDonald‘s – only ‘posh places’ – and would demand money from her for a new phone, holidays and clothes.

The Money Can’t be Traced

Investigation reveals the cash ‘is impossible to follow’ and there is no way to trace the money.

Court, nevertheless ruled that the pair are ‘thoroughly dishonest’ and had acted contrary to their roles as trustees for the youngsters’ money.

He added that the pair were guilty of a ‘blatant and brazen’ fraud in respect of the inheritance.

Katherine Hill and Gerald Hill both deny fraud by abuse of position.

The trial at Swansea Crown Court continues.

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