Iran’s supreme leader BREAKS silence on his 300-missile attack on Israel that sparked WW3 fears


Iran‘s supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei Sunday reacted for the first time to his nation’s terrifying night-time attack on Israel earlier this month.

Khamenei downplayed the notion that the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) failed to hit significant targets with its 300-strong salvo of drones and missiles sent to Israel in April 13. 

Claiming his military ‘displayed power’, he said: ‘How many missiles were launched and how many of them hit their target is not the primary question, what really matters is that Iran demonstrated its will-power during that operation.’

Iran Militarily Responds to Israel’s Attack

Iran fired the salvo of drones and missiles to Israel – in response to an Israeli missile attack against an Iranian consulate in Damascus, Syria, – at the beginning of the month that killed seven people, including two top generals of the IRGC. 

The salvo took several hours to reach Israel, but only one person was injured, a seven-year-old girl who was critically injured by falling shrapnel.

Israel Retaliated

Israel later retaliated with a strike in the strategically important Isfahan province on Friday, the day Khamenei celebrated his 85th birthday.

In an attack that almost spelled World War III, Israel retaliatory missile struck the Isfahan province – a home to many of Iran’s military and nuclear sites, .

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What He Said

Khamenei in his post Sunday on X has now called on the IRCG to ‘ceaselessly pursue military innovation and learn the enemy’s tactics.’ 

‘I sincerely appreciate the armed forces efforts and achievements in Operation ‘True Promise’ that was carried out against the Zionist regime.

‘In Operation True Promise, the armed forces showed a good image of their capabilities and power and an admirable image of the Iranian nation. They also proved the emergence of the power of the Iranian nation’s determination at the international level.

‘The armed forces recent achievements have created a sense of splendor and magnificence about Islamic Iran in the eyes of the world and among international observers.’ 

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