A dog’s table etiquette SHOCKS family and leads to speculation he was a ‘human in a past life’


A classy dog named Grayson Francis Sloane has made a ‘trend’ and standard for himself as he enjoys making himself a little bit too comfortable at a dinner table.

Dog owner Federica Finocchiaro posted a video of her and her mom, Domenica Vinci, with their dog, Grayson, sitting at the dinner table on March 25.

About the Dog

‘He’s always just happy to be there,’ said Finocchiaro.

Finocchiaro and Vinci were sitting at the table during breakfast when the young TikToker decided to begin recording the video with Grayson.

‘Does anyone else’s dog just sit at the table?’ she asked her followers.

‘He just sits with us and we didn’t make him sit here… He just loves the company.’

A surprised Finocchiaro later showed off a photo of Grayson at Christmas when he was sitting at the table with guests.

‘My mom and I will come downstairs or we’ll be doing something and he’s just sitting at the table casually,’ said Finocchiaro.

‘He never tries to eat the food that we’re eating – ever.’

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Known as @federicafinocchiaro_ on TikTok, the dog owner’s video has received nearly 20 million views so far.

Grayson has been featured in more than 10 videos that Finocchiaro posted on TikTok over the last few days, and has even made an appearance on Vinci’s in January.

Another video shows her dog obediently watching Finocchiaro eating a meal.

In fact, The Weimaraner shows his restraint in several videos, by refusing the temptations of a cheeseburger, lamb, pasta and mashed potatoes.

Showing off how much of a star Grayson is, Finocchiaro also posted a video of her and her pup mimicking Walter White and Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad, with Grayson wearing a lab coat and goggles while sitting still in one of Finocchiaro’s chairs.

With the standard the dog sets for himself at dinning table, most people think he was a human in his past life.

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