Israel’s top officer calls it a ‘grave mistake’ having seven aid workers KILLED in a drone strike


Israel‘s grave mistake of having seven aid workers killed on Tuesday by bombing a clearly marked food convoy in Gaza has brought world condemnation to them.

The team, which was providing security for the World Central Kitchen (WCK) charity, were attacked on Monday as they moved food from a warehouse to distribute to Gaza’s starving population. 

Who Killed the World Central Kitchen Workers?

Aid agencies have since accused Israel of targeting their staff and experts ‘intentionally’. White House also condemned the attack.

Apology From IDF

Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) chief Herzi Halevi has now expressed remorse over the killings, which he says were the result of a ‘misidentification’ in complex conditions … most people think his apology is a case of ‘medicine after death’.

The highest-ranking officer admitted the bombing ‘shouldn’t have happened’ and said an independent body would conduct a ‘thorough investigation’ that would be completed in the coming days.

He added: ‘Israel is at a war with Hamas, not the people of Gaza.’

The Three Brits Killed in Gaza

Former Royal Marines James Henderson and John Chapman and an ex-soldier named last night as James Kirby were among the victims of the ‘outrageous’ drone strike that has triggered worldwide condemnation.

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What Will Happen Now?

Does Israel now have a solid case of war crime on their hands? At least, the United Nations special rapporteur on human rights and counterterror think so.

They have warned the killing of the seven WCK workers could be a war crime.

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