“It Felt As If The Stasi Had Arrived At My Doorstep”: University Of Exeter, Known For Its Woke Stance, Aggressively Knocks On A Student’s Door, Hinting At Expulsion


The University of Exeter allegedly threatened to expel a philosophy student for expressing his views in his room, where he stated that veganism is wrong and referred to gender fluidity as “stupid.”

Robert Ivinson reported being formally disciplined after a neighboring student in his halls of residence deemed his comments offensive and “transphobic.”

According to Mr. Ivinson, he was summoned before university officials and placed on a “behavioral contract” for the remainder of his studies due to remarks made during a private phone conversation with a friend. Subsequently, he received a letter stating he had been found guilty of harassment and was warned of expulsion if he violated any further university regulations.

Neighbour Complaint

Speaking to the Mail on Sunday, Mr. Ivinson recounted that the incident occurred during his first year of studies in 2018, recalling that a university representative had forcefully knocked on his door to inform him of a complaint from a neighbor.

 “It was like the Stasi had come to my door. He stuck his foot in my door and said you’ve been saying some very offensive things.”

He then said he was hauled before a disciplinary hearing and questioned over his comments.

“The first thing they read out was that I had said veganism is wrong. I couldn’t believe it – I thought I was mishearing them. I asked them to repeat it three or four times because I didn’t believe I was sitting there for saying that veganism is wrong.”

“It hurts me that in this country freedom of speech can now mean so little. It’s shocking that a Russell Group university can act this way.”

‘Eavesdroppers Rewarded’

He said he apologised to the officials for the disturbance but maintained his right to speak freely in his own room. “I was totally private apart from that someone heard me through a brick wall.”

Edward Skidelsky, director of the Committee for Academic Freedom, said: “It’s extraordinary that in 21st-century Britain eavesdroppers can be rewarded, and a student punished for remarks made to a friend in the privacy of his room.”

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