Lara Trump Sparked A Flurry Of Reactions Online With Her Response To A Podcast Viewer Who Questioned Whether She Was “As Unintelligent As She Seems”

Lara Trump Sparked A Flurry Of Reactions Online With Her Response To A Podcast Viewer Who Questioned Whether She Was

When confronted with a viewer’s direct inquiry about her intelligence, Lara Trump launched into an extended diatribe.

The spouse of Eric Trump, who presently holds the position of co-chair at the Republican National Committee, shifted the discussion towards scrutinizing the Democratic Party.

“Oh! This is a nice one, ‘Is Lara Trump as stupid as she appears to be?'” Trump read out. “What is it that—that’s stupid? Let me ask you that, sir or ma’am. I am—again, I say this all the time, I’m just giving you information and the facts.”

Unwaveringly, Trump seized the moment to lambast the opposing political faction.

“What is stupid is voting for a party that hates you and hates this country,” she retorted. “What’s stupid is voting for a party that ultimately wants the destruction of America. Nothing stupid over here. I’ve actually done my research, I actually have the real information, I am actually not influenced by emotion but cold, hard facts,” she said.

“You may want to get on that bandwagon because I’ll tell you what, it’s all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows now, but if something happens, you’re going to look back and you’re going to say, “‘Man, I bet Lara Trump was right. I should’ve listened to her.'”

Online responses varied from light-hearted to critical, with some suggesting simpler responses to the initial question.

“I’m prepared to wager that nobody will ever look back and say ‘man, Lara Trump was right’,” one user tweeted, while another added: “I can answer this. Yes, yes she is. If you don’t believe me, just look at who she willingly married.”

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