Report Says Israel Fears Only 40 Hostages Remain Alive Out Of The 133 Still Held In Gaza

Report Says Israel Fears Only 40 Hostages Remain Alive Out Of The 133 Still Held In Gaza

Concerns are mounting over the fate of the hostages held by Hamas, with fears emerging that only 40 out of the 133 individuals remain alive, according to intelligence gathered by Israel’s domestic security agency, Shin Bet. 

A source familiar with the intelligence efforts, as reported by The Daily Mail, remarked on the changed landscape since the attack, stating, “[Intelligence] is much easier to access than before October 7 when we had limited access to Gaza and we didn’t have a lot of possibilities of sources. The situation is completely different because we are there.”

Israel’s response to the attack has been forceful, resulting in the deaths of 33,000 Palestinians, as claimed by the terror group Hamas. Among those casualties, Israel says that 14,000 were operatives affiliated with the terrorist organization.

Despite efforts to secure the release of hostages, the situation remains difficult. To date, 112 hostages have been returned to Israel, through exchanges and IDF operations.

However, negotiations with Hamas present significant challenges, as emphasized by a security source who deemed it a “lost cause.” 

Yehonatan Sabban, representing the Hostages and Missing Families Forum, emphasized the urgency of the situation, stating, “The hostages in Gaza are running out of time.”

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