LIZ JONES: Meghan’s Acting Skills Are Limited, Even If She’s Disappointed by the Lack of Humor in Suits

LIZ JONES: Meghan's Acting Skills Are Limited, Even If She’s Disappointed by the Lack of Humor in Suits

This depicts Meghan Markle delivering a stern rebuke to her love interest. However, her intense frustration is not aimed at a seemingly underachieving Harry but rather at her co-star, Mike (portrayed by Patrick J Adams, whose machismo is likened to that of a daffodil), in Suits.

The TV legal drama, which premiered a decade ago and spanned nine seasons, has unexpectedly been picked up by the BBC despite being available on Netflix for over a year, making it the most streamed show of 2023.

Meghan, portraying Rachel Zane, puts forth her best effort, yet, as one reviewer observed upon the BBC’s announcement, “Beneath the clever dialogue, there lacks substantial depth.”

We’re all aware that Meghan was part of Suits before her marriage into the royal family (well, now we are – I personally hadn’t heard of Meghan until she appeared at Kensington Palace in a cream coat).

It’s no longer obligatory for royal brides to lack prior experiences, a former spouse, or even a professional career. It’s not particularly egregious that the Duchess of Sussex appears on screen in her undergarments. Engage in fictional intimacy! We’re mature enough to differentiate between reality and fiction.

However, my qualm with Suits is its lack of humor and substance, although Meghan cannot be faulted for that. She likely accepted the role on a trial basis, as is customary with such series, which are always a gamble.

When cast as Rachel Zane, the paralegal with a chip on her shoulder for not attending Harvard, Meghan probably viewed it as an opportunity to portray a strong, independent woman unafraid to assert herself, a feminist bold enough to reveal her vulnerabilities.

Prior to meeting Harry, she probably welcomed the stability and lucrative income of a contractual role. The forthcoming airing of Suits on the BBC iPlayer won’t do any favors for the rest of the Windsors, reinforcing the perception of our royal family as a captivating soap opera akin to Dynasty.

During Meghan and Catherine’s appearance to greet mourners before the Queen’s funeral, did you anticipate a dramatic altercation culminating in a plunge into Windsor Park’s lake, reminiscent of Alexis and Krystle? Suits simply cannot be equated with the cinematic work of another actress turned royal, such as Rear Window or High Society.

Meghan consistently threatens legal action against any disparagement. If I were Harry and shared a family Netflix subscription, despite her on-screen allure, I would have distanced myself. He should have been concerned that the absence of humor, let alone self-awareness, was not an exemplary display of Method acting but rather Meghan’s authentic self.

She endeavors to give her best performance, yet, as one reviewer remarked upon the BBC’s announcement, “Despite the clever dialogue, there’s a lack of genuine depth.” To me, she exhibits all the dramatic subtleties of something King Charles might cultivate to combat climate change, attempting to convey, as Dorothy Parker quipped, “The range of emotions from A to B.”

Had the Sussexes remained as senior working royals, the BBC would have steered clear of Suits, akin to airing the final season of The Crown immediately following the King’s Christmas message.

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